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  1. CarloK

    UM2(+) known bugs?

    4 weeks have passed and no replies.... Everybody is happy with the UM2(+) as it is? Here are a few things that will be in the oncoming release: Copied stepper module fixes from UM3 / Open source Marlin project: These fixes solve the problem where during fast movements you sometimes heard a loud tick sound like some mechanical hiccup was occurring. - Fix: the multiply routine could have an overflow, solved by adding a 24x32-bit routine - Fix: ensure the stepper interrupt triggers immediately again when it takes too long. Improve material import: - Fix: a material name length of 8 would crash the printer. Now consistently allow a length of 8 characters everywhere. - Fix: illegal values for the material retraction-length and retraction-speed are now set to default values. - Change: Improve error handling for very large positive or negative numbers. Other changes: - New: added Tough PLA (TPLA) material profile. - Fix: retract at end of print. Contributed by TinkerGnome. - Fix: another bug with retraction at end of print. If we were already retracted (G10), then we were retracting too much. - Fix: M117 was missing a character when printing via USB. Cherry-picked from UMO repository. Contributed by AmedeeBulle - Change: Changing material during a print is made 15 to 30 seconds faster by removing an unneeded filament heat-up (the filament is already hot). - Change: several menu's where the only option was to 'Click for return' now have the focus set to this button. This removes the need to first rotate the button and results in faster user experience. PLEASE REPORT PROBLEMS!!!! In the forums I see people complaining about no new firmware releases coming out, but when no problems are reported then we can't fix them. Report your problem at github or post it here, then I'll add it to github.
  2. CarloK

    Cura Connect stuck showing old print jobs

    In about a month we expect to release firmware v5.2, a major release for the UM3 which integrates the S5. In this release over 150 issues in Cura Connect only were addressed, many feature improvements, but also bug fixes. When I checked the list there are several fixes related to (old) print jobs. Since we didn't experience the above mentioned problem in the system tests it seems likely the problem as described here is fixed.
  3. CarloK

    Cura 3.4.1 will not start

    See ghostkeeper's response two posts up for a link with info on the log file.
  4. Confirmed: the build plate temperature is added to the 'Please remove object' screen for the UM3 and will be in the firmware v5.1 release, due end of August.
  5. CarloK

    [Request] Show current layer in the display

    Our graphic designers are against this feature. It's the usual fight between tweakers who want to see lots of details and the majority of users who want to have a simple to use machine. On the whish list is a feature to switch the display between those two layouts but this is not foreseen for the near future. For the UM2(+) you can install the Tinkergnome firmware which does have this feature and lots more. Another workaround is to use the Cura plugin to pause at a configurable layer height.
  6. CarloK

    Breakin Block game in UM2+

    For you to find out if and where it is in the S5....
  7. CarloK

    Cura 3.4.1 will not start

    I suggest you post this question in the Cura topic: https://community.ultimaker.com/forum/108-cura-plugins/ Then also post what operating system you are using (Windows, Linux, Mac) and which version there of.
  8. CarloK

    UM2(+) known bugs?

    Soon a new release for the UM2+ will be created to add the Tough PLA material. In this topic I want to investigate the known problems that we can perhaps fix and add to this new release. At GitHub there is for the UM2+ only 1 reported issue: - A problem with filament grinding after material change. The UM2 repository at GitHub has a few more issues, I will look into those. I'm surprised no other issues have been logged. For example, when testing the material import function I found several bugs (these are fixed now and will be in the next release). Do you people know of more bugs? Then please list them here or on GitHub. No promises that we can squeeze them in the next release, but we will try. Please, only bug reports. Since the UM2 is at end-of-development stage we will only address bugs and issues that enhance the print quality.
  9. CarloK

    Difference between AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 nozzle

    For reference: I just found this picture of the AA and BB nozzles on the Ultimaker website:
  10. CarloK

    Ultimaker S5 Firmware

    Nope, firmware for the UM3 and S5 is not (yet) available on Github. But... since the whole engine is written in python you can download it from the printer itself. You will only be missing on the marlin part (motor drivers) and the display code (C++ for UM3 and pyQt for S5).
  11. Adding the build plate temperature to the 'remove object' screen is technically easy. It is just that we have little space to show all the text. I will propose the change and see how our translators react to the smaller text area.
  12. CarloK

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    I don't understand; in your original post you said you changed the Cura settings to use Marlin flavour and then the same error occurred. And now you say you have no problem with Cura? Be aware that Cura 3.3 contained a bug in the UM2 machine settings for using the build plate center as origin, depending on the object location, this creates the print outside valid area error. This bug was fixed in Cura 3.4, released just a few days ago.
  13. CarloK

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    Check for dirt in your SD card reader slot. Reading invalid data from the SD card is one possible reason for this type of errors. Also read:
  14. CarloK

    Extrusion rate way off.

    Besides a nozzle size problem it could also be a temperature problem. Check the PT100 temperature sensor in the print core. Is it pushed in far enough? Is it making good thermal contact (check how tight the nut is tightened). Perhaps other people have more tips for checking?

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