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  1. CarloK

    Ultimaker 3: Firmware v4.3 | Stable version

    @Steffen Sorry to hear your system has problems. The symptoms you describe are not something I've heard of before in the 4.3 release. When it happens again, can you email me the log files from your system, or post them here? (menu: System/Maintenance/Diagnostics/Dump logs to USB)
  2. Thanks for uploading the missing file. Strange is that boot0 and boot2 are the same file, except that boot2 has two extra lines (mentioning the file copying to usb stick). Problem is that in none of the 3 boot log files there is a mentioning of running an upgrade. These are invalid file name formats. The file names should be latest.tar.xz and latest.tar.xz.sig respectively I guess you got bitten by the Windows Explorer or the Windows Edge browser. Those browsers have the terrible habit of changing the file extensions on saving by adding an extra 'tar' at the end and then the files aren't recognized by the printer. Change the names to the ones mentioned above (the small file should be the one ending at tar.xz.sig). Instead of changing the names you can also download the files using another browser like Firefox or Chrome. I'll have the download description updated with this weird Microsoft browser behaviour.
  3. @tomnagel The Marlin reset happened 12 hours into the print, so pre-heating the build plate is not the solution. @The_Rob Updating the firmware won't solve your reset problem but fixes some other issues. Release notes v4.3 It looks like the Hardcore uses a 35W heater like in the UM2 instead of the 25W from the UM3. The UM3 reduced the nozzle power because with the double nozzles there was less power headroom to spare. Updating the power supply for a more powerful version wasn't possible because of safety regulations on the used connector. It is possible to write a new configuration in the Hardcore that specifies the correct heater resistance and so should reduce the power problems. Advantage of contacting 3DSolex is that they can fix this problem for all (future) users. When they do a good job they also tune the PID settings so you will get better print results.
  4. You are running firmware An update with lots of Cura Connect fixes is available: 4.3.2 of 20180308
  5. When I look into the log files I see the next part: First you see the command for setting hotend-1 to 220C, this succeeds. Then, one minute later, for some reason the marlin board resets but the Olimex CPU board continues. From then on both cpu-boards are out of sync and after lots of minor error reports, the printer finally stalls on the nozzle-1 heater error but already failed a lot earlier. The main reason for the marlin board to reset 12 hours into a print is because of a power dip. So, in my analysis there are two possible problem causes: 1) There was an external dip in your 230V main (I see you are from Germany). or 2) The internal power consumption was higher than allowed. My gut feeling is that the 3DSolex Hardcore is to blame. This nozzle was not qualified by Ultimaker and most likely contains wrong settings. A standard Ultimaker AA core heats up with a speed of 2.5C / second. From the log I can see the Hardcore heats at 3.7C / second, this means a more powerful heater that will consume more power and could cause the internal power supply to drop voltage. 3DSolex should have programmed the power settings into the nozzle, then the printer would have adjusted for this. Another problem with this 3DSolex Hardcore is that the core also contains settings for the heater algorithm so it will regulate to the requested temperatures, so called PID-settings. I can see in your logs that these are wrong because when requested to go to 175C it actually cools down from 174C to 170C.... There are ways to modify the print core settings, but this isn't easy and shouldn't be made your problem. My suggestion is you contact your supplier so they can help you fix the print core.
  6. Can you make a copy of the system log files and share them here? Procedure: - Insert a USB stick in the printer - From the printer menu select: System > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Dump logs to USB. - Upload the boot files and the config file to a file sharing website like WeTransfer.com (this will be 4 or 5 files) - Share the uploaded files link here.
  7. CarloK

    Big blob at end of print, UM2+

    Time has progressed.... Easiest solution right now is to download the Cura v3.3 beta release which should have the longer type of gcode files again and so hiding the UM2 bug. Note that the bug in the UM2 firmware has also been fixed but I didn't spend time in confirming it was included with this Cura beta version (there is a new firmware released with this Cura beta but it isn't mentioned in the release notes. It will sure be fixed and released in the final Cura 3.3 release). Tip: You could even update your printer with the firmware from the Cura 3.3 beta and then revert to Cura v3.2 if you can't work with the beta.
  8. WeTransfer reports there are 3 files present, the boot0.log file is missing. This is the most important one as it is the last boot. In the printer log files that are present I can see this file was written to usb. Is there any chance for you to upload that missing file?
  9. CarloK

    Recovering a Bricked UM3

    @BrianVetere: Bootable SD-card images exist but are normally not released since SD cards are no good medium for continued usage, the SD cards are slower and will break down after some time because they were not designed for a lot of write actions. For testing purposes I will try to send you a download link by direct message on this forum. Installation of the image file is the same as for the discovery procedure described in this thread.
  10. CarloK

    Ultimaker 3: Firmware v4.3 | Stable version

    There was a last minute update to the v4.3 release, released as v4.3.2: - Fixed the bug where on power-up Cura Connect would automatically re-start printing the last object. This only happened when you switched the printer off with the display still showing the message for clearing the buildplate.
  11. CarloK

    Big blob at end of print, UM2+

    Recently this problem was reported in the Cura 3.2 subject forum. The problem is caused by a change in Cura which exposes a bug in the UM2(+) firmware: At the end of the gcode file, Cura used to save a few lines with the used Cura settings. These settings were removed making the file a few lines shorter and this exposes the bug where the UM2(+) finishes the print while still a few moves are in the motion controller buffer. The bug will soon be fixed and consists of two changes: 1) We will fix the bug in the UM2(+) firmware. 2) Cura will make the gcode files a bit longer again so the UM2(+) bug will not occur on older firmware versions. For now the workaround is to revert to Cura v3.1. Or add about 10 extra comment lines at the end of your gcode file, or add an M400 command at the end of your gcode. These commands can be set in the 'End Gcode' section of your Cura machine settings. Here a link with more info about the UM2 bug:
  12. CarloK

    Difference between AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 nozzle

    Just some extra info for people having spare AA cores but a shortage on BB cores: The AA core differs from the BB core by its internal shape; the AA core is staged to reduce oozing where the BB is smooth to prevent clogging (but oozes a bit more). Using PVA in an AA core is strongly discouraged! Because of the internal sharp edge shape there is a small space where material will remain longer, PVA will start to carbonate there. Once carbonated material is in place it will catalyze the process and carbonate even more material quickly. What you can do is to convert an AA 0.4 nozzle to a BB 0.6 nozzle: use a 0.6 drill to increase the extruder diameter. This will remove (part of) the stage in the AA nozzle, making it smoother, and also the larger diameter will help to extrude small clogs before they can accumulate and block the nozzle. Use the above listed procedures to modify the printcore's electronics to report as the new nozzle type.
  13. CarloK

    UM3 fw update without lan (with usb)

    You have an intriguing problem... I studied the release notes since your v3.5.3 but nothing there that explains your problem. Then I created a clean installed printer with v3.5.3 and when I insert a usb stick with the firmware files on it, these are recognized. You are the first one to report this problem on an old software version where many people already updated successfully. You are doing something different, I just can't figure out what. Instead of spending more time in figuring out your problem, is it possible for you to move the printer to another location where you can plug in the network cable and do the update over the internet? The other option is to follow the procedure for a bricked machine, but that involves quiet some work.
  14. CarloK

    Revert to old UM 2+ firmware?

    You can always install the original firmware by using Cura. Follow the procedure as described here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20500-upgrade-firmware
  15. CarloK

    UM3 fw update without lan (with usb)

    Just another thought since you mentioned you unzipped the file.... On Windows some versions of Internet Explorer are known to change the file extensions. I just tested on my old Windows 7 and IE11. These are the results: "latest.tar.xz" was saved as "latest.tar.tar" "latest.tar.xz.sig" became "latest.tar.xz.tar" Rename the files again to have the original extensions.

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