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  1. This forum is here for users to help other users. Occasionally Ultimaker employees monitor these forums but they do this in their own time so don't be disappointed when response time is slow. The official Ultimaker support is provided by your reseller and regional distributor. The traceback error you reported here is something I've never seen before. It indicates that the processor can't read the eeprom chip where the product-id and MAC address are stored. The only reason for this failing that I can think of is that the eeprom chip is broken. Perhaps this happened when you opened the printer to insert the SD card for the software downgrade. Contact your local reseller / distributor. They will have to replace the Olimex CPU board.
  2. Even bigger than that: on the UM3 there is build plate area where the left print head can't reach the most right locations and equally the right print head can't reach the locations on the far left, both for about 18mm (the distance between the two print cores). On the S5 extra space was added to both the left and right sides of the build plate and now the full build plate area can be reached by both print cores. The only remaining limitations are the retention clips which are considered in the advertised volume (advertised as 330 x 240mm where the actual build plate is larger).
  3. Moderator action: Moved topic from the Firmware to the Cura section where it better fits and hopefully gets more response.
  4. Great !!! I think your system has two different problems: 1) The corrupted display 2) Getting stuck during a print For the corrupted display I found a difference between the v4.3.3 and 4.3.97 that might explain the weird behavior. I'll build a new image file for you to test and will mail you the link for downloading later this evening. For the printer getting stuck problem it would be nice for you to try to reproduce this. Then after getting stuck, wait a moment and reboot the printer. Then use the above described menu item for dumping the files to USB and email them to me.
  5. @neo-ninja You are hijacking this thread. Your problem might be related but is best handled in a new topic. The material list being empty can be for two reasons: 1) You installed a firmware where this list is missing. I think we accidentally shipped one such version which means you are using an older firmware. Follow the above linked thread from GR5 which uses the recommended v4.3.3 recovery image file. 2) The printer lost its identification code. Check this by going to the maintenance menu and then the 'About this printer' screen. On the 3-rd line it says "hardware type-id". For an UM3 that's 9066 or for an UM3-Extended it is 9511.
  6. @Rhsin I'm sorry to hear about your display problems. We did receive a few more of these reports but from the total number of printers that upgraded to v5.2.11 this is only a handful. We are trying to figure out where it goes wrong and from your long search we can conclude it is a software problem, perhaps in combination with a certain hardware revision. Did you perhaps save the log files? Otherwise, are you willing to go through the process of updating again to v5.2.11 and dump the log files to USB when the display fails? You can send the log files in a private message. For the time being I suggest you remain at v4.3.3. Do not upgrade to 4.3.97 as that is not stable for printing but is only a stepping stone to the v5.x releases.
  7. The camera API is hardly used by anyone and that's why we only received the report of it being broken a few weeks ago. It is broken since v5.1. As tinkergnome says, the API redirects to the mentioned camera stream link and I think Cura uses that directly.
  8. There is a new testing release which is identical to the v5.2.11 release but has extra logging enabled for the WiFi related problems. I discovered the WiFi module sometimes short circuits and the new log messages in this version can identify that problem. @WesleySAV17 and @cabriobob could you try this on your printer and email me the log files again? The image can be downloaded from here and is applicable to both the UM3 and S5. This release is to be considered a testing version, i.e. only use it for non-critical applications as this release didn't undergo the normal quality check procedures.
  9. I feel sad to hear that the attempted fix didn't work. The change did sound like a promising hypothesis. Thanks for sharing the log files. The good news is we can exclude several causes now. The bad news is that we'll have to dig deeper and probably will come with another firmware with new logging messages to discover where it goes wrong. It seems to go wrong at system startup where the WiFi hardware does not make itself known on the USB bus. Fixing this WiFi connection problem has our priority and we are working hard on it.
  10. @cabriobob and @WesleySAV17 see your private inbox for a new firmware to test. Other people who are willing to help us fix this problem can send me a private message and I will mail a link to a new firmware version that possibly fixes the problem and also logs more information so we are better able to find the culprit if this latest change didn't fix the problem.
  11. This is not the kind of rotated screen problem we have seen before. 1) When does this misformed screen show up? Is it straight from booting or later? 2) Can you send me the log files from your printer? Send here
  12. CarloK

    Ultimaker 3

    The UM3 software is not available on github, so I have no clue to what you are actually asking. Did you mean a UM2?
  13. An intermediate update: There are multiple problems with the WiFi that all result in people reporting the WiFi as failing, but have different underlying causes. For the moment we are focusing on the most pressing issue where the WiFi can not be enabled at all, in the system log this manifests itself by a message "Cannot power cycle wifi". This was present in both logs sent to me. We verified over a 100 printers (S5 and UM3) in the Ultimaker office but none showed the error which makes it difficult to fix this problem. One clue we have is from a tester who reported that the bug is difficult to reproduce, but once he had it on a printer and then it remained for at least 5 reboots. We want to remove a software component that tries to restore the WiFi power state after a reboot, we don't use this feature but it might interfere with our operations (and less software is better). It just turns out that this software component is integrated in Linux and difficult to disable.
  14. Thanks for sharing the log files. Yes, it's the same problem as WesleySAV17. We are going to look into this and report back next week.
  15. The releases 4.3.96 & 5.1.93 & 5.2.8 do reject firmware packages where the release date is too far off. Sounds like a great safety feature, but since your printer has no network connection it starts with the default Linux/Unix year set to 1970 and will reject all new firmware from 2019. This safety check has been removed again in the releases 4.3.97 & 5.1.94 & 5.2.11 There are the following solutions for you now being stuck on this firmware version: 1) Install a temporary ethernet connection and in a few minutes the time will be synchronized. This works even in most organizations with a firewall. Then install the firmware either over this network connection or from USB. Create the ethernet connection by either: a) For the time of the update, move your printer to a location where there is an ethernet cable. b) Or have an ethernet cable across the room to an ethernet wall outlet. Looks ugly, but is only for 10 minutes. Ethernet cables do work up to a length of 100m. c) Or connect a WiFi access point as a bridge to your WiFi and the ethernet of the printer. 2) Connect Cura to your printer. Get a pc with Cura and connect this with an ethernet cable to your printer. You can use any ethernet cable (straight or crossed both work). Once Cura recognizes your printer it will synchronize the time and the USB update can be started. 3) For the UM3 you can install a recovery image from SD card. For the S5 this is not supported by Ultimaker since there is a lethal high voltage inside the machine. For the S5 you can ask your reseller to do this.
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