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  1. I'm just repeating what was me told. 😪
  2. Ok, my wrong memory of seeing a ticket being closed. I checked with the Cura team. What happens: 1 Cura constantly scans all connected USB ports. 2 When it finds a (new) device it sends a gcode for asking the current temperature 3 When a response is returned Cura assumes this to be a printer. Now, what happens when you have a bricked firmware is that the printer won't respond to the temperature command and Cura doesn't recognize the device as a valid printer. Step 2 wasn't present in the old v15 Cura, so that's why the older Cura's can still be used to update a bricked printer.
  3. @fjulian79 I can see you are not happy with the firmware update feature in Cura, but I don't understand what your problem is. In Cura you can select your printer model, and when it is an UMO you get the extra options to select installed features like heatable bed present or not. Installing the new firmware should then be a simple press of the button. This should be just as simple as the referred bUltimaker tool. If the upload features isn't working than it might be you got bitten by a recent Cura change. In old Cura versions the attached printers were always reset on Cura boot. This resulted in Cura aborting an ongoing print. Cura now was made more intelligent by not resetting but communicating with the printer, however when the printer has a broken firmware this fails and uploading new firmware is impossible. A catch-22 situation; we don't want to reset the printer, but without resetting it is impossible to upgrade a bricked printer.
  4. CarloK

    UM2(+) known bugs?

    I'm sorry to say the changes to the UM2(+) didn't make it into Cura 3.5. 😪 Because our testing department had to give focus to other projects they didn't have time to test a new UM2 firmware. I can't say when it will be released since I don't want to make new promises I can't live up to. What will help in getting more confidence in firmware quality is when more people are testing it. Here is a link to an early beta version: https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware/tree/UM2.1_JarJar/releases/beta Please note that this version didn't get a lot of testing yet, so when you find issues, please post them here and I can fix them.
  5. CarloK

    [Request] Show current layer in the display

    I do agree that the above layout looks neat and it should be easy to implement. It's just not my call.... I think in another thread we also had this same discussion. Our User eXperience designers are against it because we don't fully understand why a user would be interested in this value. That sounds blunt, but they do have a point. Why do you want to see the layer number? Most likely it is because there is some special feature in your design that you want to verify for being printed correctly? But, are you then going to sit in front of the printer to watch it happening? I know many people do sit in front of their printer, it is nice to watch the movements, but it is not an efficient thing to do. With all new available technologies we think we can come up with something smarter. Some of the ideas are: Marking the area of interest in Cura, triggering a (time lapse) video when that area is being printed. Send a message to the user (email, app, whatever). Remotely view the part being printed in the app and then take corrective actions through the app. Internal discussions are still going on. For better results it would help when people post here why it is important for them to see the layer numbers.
  6. CarloK

    Cura 2.5< starts once 2.5> does not start

    Thanks for the positive feedback! 🙃
  7. CarloK

    Bizarre Build Times and Material Usage

    Which Cura version are you using? On what computer OS? Can you post a link to the thingiverse design? What settings did you change? It looks like you enabled the 'draft shield'?
  8. CarloK

    Cura 2.5< starts once 2.5> does not start

    The log file shows Cura failing when detecting the OpenGL version. Newer versions of Cura tend to require newer versions of OpenGL. Update the drivers for your video card and see if that solves your problem. ATI HD-5850 drivers
  9. CarloK

    Machine dead after firmware failure to update

    What do you think yourself? This topic was started for an UM2+ Extended. The machine dimensions are part of the firmware (and the only difference between those two firmwares). Use the MarlinUltimaker2plus.hex file for a standard UM2+
  10. UMO(+) firmware is indeed included with Cura. The last few years no (significant) changes were made, so you can take any Cura release from Jan-2015 and newer, i.e. v15.01 and newer. I'm not sure which firmware you need. This was before I joined the company and there have been multiple UMO variants. You can not brick the printer by uploading new firmware, so give it a try.
  11. Sorry to hear you are having problems. This doesn't sound familiar to me. What OS are you running on? Please note the post directly above yours: since 10 days Cura 3.4.1 isn't the most recent Cura version anymore. I suggest you try the new v3.5 Beta release and see if that fixes your problem.
  12. CarloK

    Where is dual extruder option in Cura

    Nope. The offsets are the values you have to add to the gcode coordinates to get the nozzle at the desired position. So, when the gcode says to go to position 0,0 then the values for the first nozzle are commonly configured as x=0 and y=0. For the second nozzle you then enter offsets so that the nozzle gets located at exact that same position. You can measure these values as the distance from center of nozzle 1 to center of nozzle 2. Cura uses these values to calculate the allowed build volume, i.e. you have the printer's volume size but on some printers not all nozzles can reach all same physical locations. From that you can conclude the values are for most printers just an indicational value and it doesn't matter if you are off by a millimeter. Except... there are some printer brands where the gcode contains absolute positions for each head and then these settings affect the generated gcode positions (not true for Ultimaker machines where the nozzle offset is configured in the printer).
  13. CarloK

    Where is dual extruder option in Cura

    What Cura version do you have? I just installed the Cura v3.5 Beta version and the option is there to configure up to 8 extruders, and then for each extruder the X and Y offset. Go to the 'Manage printers' menu. Select your printer and then click the 'Machine settings' button. I looked into the Cura manual at https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52029-manage-printers and there I see the menu item for adding extruders is missing. So it might be a recent configuration addition.
  14. CarloK

    Print job stays in printer

    I'm not sure what you mean with the 'Print-Jobs-Page', I guess you mean the page on de Cura Connect web page? Is it an UM3 or S5 printer? And what firmware revision? What you can try on a UM3 printer, go to menu System/Maintenance/Cura Connect reset. A similar menu item is there on the S5, but I'm not near such a machine now so you will have to find the menu yourself.
  15. CarloK

    seperate Z calibration option.

    I'm not aware of a bug in this regard, but the soon to be released v5.1 firmware has the whole underlying software for the manual and Active Levelling rewritten. I'd wait for this new software and see if levelling got more accurate. Our design goal is that Active Levelling becomes more accurate than what you can achieve by manual levelling. On the larger S5, but also UM3, we have noted that (ambient) temperature changes have an impact and automated levelling before every print is then the way to go.

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