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  1. @David Stewart Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad to have been able to help someone.
  2. @Bob38, the WiFi module is not reporting in. When broken, in about 50% of the cases, it then reports with a specific warning in the dmesg.log file. That message is missing here but te WiFi module isn't reported on USB so I suspect the module is broken. I suggest to contact your reseller / distributor. Even when warranty is out, they might come with a good proposal. Otherwise, a replacement WiFi module is sold by Ultimaker for $100 and can be exchanged relatively easily. In my opinion $100 for the \WiFi is way too much, but it is an older model that is no longer for sale. Alternative suppliers can be found when you search the internet for 'WUBA-171GN', I found it for $42 in the US and €38 in the UK. Another option is to connect a wireless router to the LAN connection, or try using a power-line modem on the LAN connection.
  3. Let's keep this thread related to 1 topic: Active bed leveling on the UM3. Wifi related problems should go in another thread. @Patronus reported a bed leveling problem where the procedure seems to run fine, but then when printing both nozzles are pressed too hard into the build plate. I'm looking into this using the provided log files. @erind and @David Stewart, you both are reporting a problem where the bed leveling procedure fails with an error message. The print cores are pushed into the bed during active leveling. This shouldn't happen, the print cores should be just touching the build plate. For printers where this happens, first perform the following checks: 1) The screws for manual leveling the build plate should have some moving distance. When tightened all the way, the bed leveling will fail. Some procedures describe a bed height of 14mm but as a guide line the aluminum build plate should be level with the aluminum front plate (not sure how to describe this better). 2) If bed leveling still fails after correcting step 1), then run the 'bed level sensor test' that was added to the diagnostic menu.
  4. The file sorting wasn't implemented because of the limited RAM size that Tinkergnome refers to. Now with hindsight there is a trick we can apply to re-use some memory space that's not used at the time of file selection, or at least have the most recent file appear on top as in the UM3. But ... development of the UM2 software by Ultimaker has stopped, perhaps a bug fix release will follow but no new features. Since a week I have my private UM2. With the UM2 software being open source I'll have a look into this some time later.
  5. Are you printing from USB? The line nr. errors often are caused by a usb stick with memory errors.
  6. I'm now waiting almost a month for the requested log files.... 😪 Without the log files I can't convince our management to put the probem high on the actions list. Please people. help me helping you! This works two ways. You correctly complain about problems, but when I want to help you, you should give me some pointers. Please mail me the log files using the message function of this forum (hover over my name next to this post and from the menu that pops up select the 'message' option). Create the log files by performing an Active Leveling function and then from the Maintenance menu choose the option 'Dump logs to USB'. Ensure to include all generated files, including the probe report files.
  7. @Patronus I'm sorry to hear about your problems. Similar problems have been reported by a few people but we need more info to investigate this. A month ago I asked two people to email me the log files from an Active Leveling procedure but I'm still waiting their reply. Could you please perform an Active Leveling procedure and mail me the log files? You can create the log files by performing an Active Leveling procedure and then use the maintenance menu option for 'Dump log files to USB'. Send these files to me using the mailing function of this forum (hover over my name next to this post and in the pop-up is a 'message' symbol). Please include all dumped files, that's including the probe reports. Without the log files I can't convince our management to put the probem high on the actions list.
  8. Sorry to hear the modification didn't work. Instead of posting another change that might not work either, you'll have to wait for me to return home later this week. Perhaps I can figure out another change but want to test it out on my machine first.
  9. I moved this question to the firmware section as it is not specific to Cura or plugins. Your problem sounds a bit like a firmware bug we had over a year ago which resulted in the last 250 bytes of a print being ignored. I don't remember exactly, but this was about Cura version 3.2 in combination with firmware from that revision or older. Cura 3.3? or newer are shipped with a firmware that fixes this problem. What version of Cura are you using? Which firmware version are you using? Have you tried updating the firmware?
  10. The Ultimaker employees are not actively monitoring this forum so your feature request might get lost here. Best is to report feature requests at : https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues
  11. My guess is that at your first change to the um3.json file you made a typing error. This file is not intended for modifications by users and therefor lacks any error checks. Any small error in the json file will create big problems. Hence the advice to always first make a copy of the file before you modify it. Without a backup copy of the json file the only way to fix this is by updating the firmware, either through the network or from USB. Glad to hear you were able to fix it yourself.
  12. It is a safety feature to prevent starting a print when possibly an object is still present on the build plate, this would cause mayhem. For the above reason we never created a way to overrule this feature but more requests are coming in, so perhaps in a future firmware update... How daring are you to make changes on the printer itself? Since you mention SSH I assume you have some Linux knowledge? On the printer is a configuration file where you can make low level changes, but there is no official support for this modification. In the file /usr/share/griffin/griffin/machines/um3.json there is at line 149: "PRINT": ["print.printProcedure.PrintProcedure"], Change this to "PRINT": ["print.printProcedure.PrintProcedure", "cleanup_step": "false"], THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SUPPORTED CHANGE! In fact, I don't have a printer here and didn't test it working.
  13. Which instructions did you follow for the upgrade? Can you post a link to these instructions, or post a list of the modifications you made? I don't understand your problem description. You describe two situations where the error happens in one situation but not in the other. What is the difference between these two scenario's? Did you perhaps replace the Z-motor?
  14. Short answer: this printer has an electronics hardware problem. What the problem is can be difficult to discover... I never heard of a printer with similar problems, but then again, I'm a software engineer and our distributors do see a lot more of the field problems than I do. The communication error to the printhead would be my first suspect. The early UM3 printers had a cable connection in the print head that was a bit too loose. Over time this stressed the connecter in the print head and creates communication problems. In the later models this was solved by a printhead cover that was slightly more tight fitting. Try pushing down the cable into the connector. Reseating the printhead cable video If this doean't work, contact your reseller or the distributor in your country for a solution. Sometimes a printer does break down and parts have to be replaced.
  15. CarloK

    Marlin 2.0

    Nice board. Just verify that it can drive the front LCD and SD card reader if you want to keep this original. For the LCD you need an I2C connection and for the SD card an SPI connection available. From the comparison chart with v1.1 it looks like those two interfaces are not present on the v1.3 board.
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