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  1. Yes, I did set the values to -1 to disable the functions. Not really a big thing, but since your other driver chip is broken this feels like the right thing to do. Like I said before, the changes you made seem fine. The code you posted is slightly different from my local copy. Just checking, but what machine type do you have (UM2, UM2+)? And, what is the link to the git repository you are using?
  2. I haven't tried, but it sounds like you are making the correct changes. The Ultimaker board has id 72 in the Marlin code. Change: #define E0_STEP_PIN 42 #define E0_DIR_PIN 43 #define E0_ENABLE_PIN 37 #define E1_STEP_PIN 49 #define E1_DIR_PIN 47 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 48 into: #define E0_STEP_PIN 49 #define E0_DIR_PIN 47 #define E0_ENABLE_PIN 48 #define E1_STEP_PIN -1 #define E1_DIR_PIN -1 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN -1 Too bad you didn't post your modified code, so we can't verify your changes.
  3. CarloK

    Extruder calibration

    You don't get a lot of response to your question since it isn't clear what you want to know. In the Ultimaker printers you don't have to calibrate the filament flow since the variation between printers is very small. Perhaps you think there is a problem with the filament flow and you are asking for a way to verify this? If yes, then I don't know 'the best way', but there are a few maintenance tasks you can do: - Clean the nozzle: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19510-how-to-apply-atomic-method - Verify the feeder tension is set to the middle of the allowed range (there is a small screw on top of the feeder) - When you had a lot of grinding recently, perhaps clean the feeder insides: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50688-clean-the-feeder - Retighten the hotend insulator: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50677-retighten-the-hot-end-isolator If all this didn't help, then on the UM2(+) you might have a problem with the hotend insulator being degraded, this happens sooner when you print at temperatures > 250C. These hot end isolator couplers are sold all over the internet
  4. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    Installing 5.1.8 on the UM3 might brick your printer!!!! Don't try this. We are working hard to get the UM3 update working but this takes time to get stable for all situations.
  5. CarloK

    Ultimaker 3: Firmware v4.3 | Stable version

    Yes, UM3 firmware comes in 1 flavour only. The machine type (and a few other settings) are programmed in a separate location during fabrication.
  6. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    Filament monitoring in a UM3 requires addition of a sensor in the feeder. To my knowledge Ultimaker is not planning to sell this as an upgrade. If you can get hold of an S5 feeder than it's not too difficult to get it working though. Perhaps you can even make a community project out of this? I'm not sure what you mean by the Frame LED control. You can already control these LEDs through the menu and web API.
  7. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    The UM3 is still supported, don't worry. As mentioned above, the S5 and UM3 share a common code base and we did plan to release a new UM3 together with the 5.1 release for the S5. However ... There are more technical problems than we anticipated and the UM3 release did not pass our quality tests. The S5 with its graphical interface uses more disk space and this required another partitioning of the internal file system. Converting the existing UM3's to the new disk partition sizes is working, but we keep finding new edge cases that have to be covered as well. We are working hard to get a UM3 release out, but only want to release it when we are confident the update won't brick your printer.
  8. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    Released v5.1.8 V5.1.8 was released yesterday for the S5. This is a minor update to the previous v5.1.7 and was only released to fix two annoying problems: - Fix: starting a print with custom materials was impossible. The print started with some head movements and then stopped again without error message. - Fix: when you would delete a job from the print queue in Cura Connect, it would also delete another job from the job history.
  9. CarloK

    Ultimaker 3 Extended:Hangs when updating

    Yep, the recovery procedure as linked above should get your UM3 up and running again. The reason we didn't protect against this type of mistake is that the software for S5 and UM3 is very similar. In fact, so much alike, that in the near future we are planning to make it the same update-package. But, for the S5 we had to increase some file partitions, and that's what is killing the UM3: a full disk. We can make protection routines in new software, but we were unable to add such functionality to software that's already used in the field (a chicken-egg problem). When you are using the network based update functionality then you can't run into this update problem, but for offline printers you have to be careful which package you install.
  10. CarloK

    Printhead freezing at random

    @Bandy I moved this question to the Firmware sub-forum. The forum here is mostly user driven, but Ultimaker employees like me do scan the issues as well. I'm one of the software engineers responsible for the firmware in the printer and the problem you describe is new to me but is something that we don't want to happen. Next time when this happens, can you dump the log files to a USB stick and mail them to me? (I see Tinkergnome is typing a bit faster than I am and responded as well since it is now in the right forum). ☺️ For mailing me there should be a 'message' button in the top of my user profile page.
  11. CarloK

    Ultimainboard 1548-I Cannot update firmware

    Yep, those display cables are connected wrong. I don't understand why you disconnected them when replacing the 1548 board since those cables are connected to the Olimex board. Here are pictures of my printer. Note how one of the cables is marked with a '1', this is often done during fabrication to distinguish the cables but is not always present (good to add it yourself when missing). EXP1 on the display board is connected to EXP1 on the Olimex board, and similar EXP2 connects EXP2 on both boards..
  12. CarloK

    Ultimainboard 1548-I Cannot update firmware

    Strange, the Olimex board in the UM3 should always overwrite the Ultimainboard firmware when the checksum differs from the expected value. What we expect that is wrong in your setup is that you have connected the display connector to the UltimainBoard, i.e. the way it is connected in the UM2 where in the UM3 it must be connected to the OIimex board. Now the UM2 is still present and boots, can't find the printhead and shows this error. With proper cabling it will take about a minute for the UM3 to boot and to re-program the Ultimainboard.
  13. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    Sorry to hear the printer is troubling you here. I don't follow you in all mentioned problems, but If understand you correctly these are: 1) When doing maintenance you want the lights to be on. That makes sense. Not sure yet if all menu actions should result in the lights going on though. 2) When you are manually working on the printer (menu), then Cura Connect shouldn't try to intervene. Best to keep quiet until 1 minute no user action.
  14. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    Thanks for reporting this problem, including the photo's. We tried many times to fix the problems in tracking the filament position on abort / pause / filament changing but apparently still haven't got it right. We made it a top priority to redesign this part of the printer. Since it is at the basis of the machine and touches all functions it might be released as small increments over several releases.
  15. CarloK

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    This fix will be in the 5.2 release, expected February 2019. The patch release was not foreseen and is an unplanned release to fix a blocking problem. I'm pushing hard to get the led fix in this patch release as well but it's not my call. There are good reasons for keeping the changes to this stable version as small as possible. The led bug fix is tiny, and when feeling brave you can make the fix on your v5.0 or v5.1 firmware: - Edit the file /usr/share/griffin/griffin/led/hardware/drivers/linuxLEDClass.py - The second line from the bottom reads: brightness = str(int(max(1.0, value * float(self._max_brightness)))).encode("ascii") - Change the 1.0 to 0.0 - That's it. I purposely didn't describe how to edit a file on the printer. If you don't know how to do this already, then you better not risk breaking the firmware.

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