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Hi All,

I've just bought a used UM2, it seems to be in pretty good condition and other than a self-printed filament feeder - it looks totally original.

Just wondering what the best upgrades would be? It looks as though the nozzle is a bit rounded-off? Is it worth me spending the £400 and buying the genuine extrusion upgrade kit? Is it best to leave it standard, or is there a better option out there?

I'll be mainly making boxes for small optical devices, so probably ABS and PLA although I'd like to try nylon/CF at some point.

I've got a lot to learn, but I might as well start by bringing it up-to-date in terms of improved hardware.



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Hi @Johnyboy,

It is hard to determine on what areas your printer would need some attention, but in general a new extrusion upgrade just kinda gives you a brand new Ultimaker 2+. It contains almost all crucial parts you need. From the rods, to the extruder, the bowden tube and a complete assembled printhead.

If you want to print ABS, I would also look into a door or enclosure. This can be very DIY (cardboard door), something like our advanced 3D printing kit or a full third party enclosure. But with the latter, keep in mind that you do not want to overheat the electronics, if you are going to enclose it completely.

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I would definitely get the extrusion upgrade kit. It addresses all the problems areas that the UM2 had and gives you the ability to swap out the nozzles to print CF and so you can use different sizes for different applications.

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Right, I hope this doesn't double-post, as I forgot to click the "i'm not a robot button" last time.

Thanks for the advice, I'll have a look at the kit to see what the lead-time in the UK is at the moment. I'll also get a piece of polycarbonate order to knock-up a quick door.

Thanks again


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