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Cura on Ubuntu 12.04

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i'm trying to run Cura on my Xubuntu 12.04 install. I've pulled the latest release (i think 13.04) from git and installed all necessary dependencies to build a .deb package (also pypy 1.9 ppa). However cura just can't connect to the printer. I've tested all baud rates, added my user account to the dialout group and set permissions of /dev/ttyACM0 to 666. (Anything else to do?)

When trying to upload a new firmware the process just times out, the same goes for trying to start printing after slicing.

Does anyone have an idea?

Best Regards,



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I got the same problem: linux mint 14 64 bits.

Tried to install the deb cura from here, and all the dependencies, then tried to install it from the tar.gz, which doesn't show any 3D preview. Both of them can't connect to printer and Timeout.

I tried to set the baudrate manualy, not better. I didn't tried all the ports manualy yet, as I don't know if it has any use ?


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So I finaly managed it, thanks to webpulser:

You have to upload the 115200 baud firmware to the arduino, as Linux can't handle the 250000 one.

This firmware is in the /usr/share/cura/Cura/resources/firmware file and called MarlinUltimaker115200.hex

To upload it, you can either use Cura on a windows computer, or avrdude on linux, which is a command line tool (I don't know how to use it). It seems avrdude had several gui that all lost support, so you may have to search a little to find a working one.

I somebody knowing avrdude could put here the exact command line for uploading this file, it would be nice, we could put it on the wiki.

Then, you have to change the Cura preferences to set the baudrate (default is auto) to 115200 and the port (default is auto) to /dev/ttyACM0


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