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UM3 nozzle profiles remember settings of 2 nozzles, sometimes confusing and unfriendly.


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Posted · UM3 nozzle profiles remember settings of 2 nozzles, sometimes confusing and unfriendly.

Just some thought.

at first, before I get used to CURA, I messed up a few prints becuz of misunderstanding how the profile is set up for 2 nozzles.

Now of cuz I know a profile will remember both. But when I used it for the first time I thought each profile is for setting of each individual nozzle.

Here's what I think:

Would it be better if a profile represents setting of each nozzle individually?

At times I want to switch nozzles on just one of the slots. Then I hv to change the setting of one of the nozzles manually, becuz it does not allow me apply setting of just one nozzle from a profile to another, which is kind of annoying...

would any UM3 users here second my thought? or is it just me find this annoying?

Oh, and the camera (on windows) sometimes freezes after a while. Also, it might require me to reconnect the printer when it happens, while it wont say it is disconnected, i wont be able to start a new print by relaunching the software (or select a new printer and switch back).

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    Posted (edited) · UM3 nozzle profiles remember settings of 2 nozzles, sometimes confusing and unfriendly.

    I find it to be just fine the way it is. Not that your idea does not merit consideration, but here is my approach.

    I rarely do 2 color prints, so that may color my input. (Pun intended) :p

    But when I make a profile, it is either with or without supports. So, this does not really affect my way of working.

    But, I have also taken to saving "Project Templates" so that it loads everything with a small dummy model. I then clear the buildplate and load the model I wish to use.

    Too many times, I have relied on a profile, then forgetting that this profile had hollow objects and wind up with support material inside the model that will not come out.

    Using the dummy template project alleviates the need for a super long profile name to rummage through and I find a description of the type of project and material suffices for me.

    An example would be:


    Since it is a vase (spiralize) print, I know that the PVA is just a brim. I am finding that almost all of my prints (PLA for the most part lately) seem to work fine with minor temp adjustments and that is not an issue as it limits the number of things I have to remember.

    Another example would be:


    A template for:

    UM3E_StatueTemplate:   Statue type of print

    30gradin:   30% Infill gradual ( I will always choose the type on the fly at this time.

    3W:   3Walls

    PLA-PLA:   2Color Print

    04mm_015layer: 0.4mm Nozzle with layer height of 0.15mm

    But, that is just me. As I said, your idea does merit consideration and I shall do so. :)

    Always room for a different outlook.....

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