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Issues when printing gets to a certain height Ultimaker 2+ Extended

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I am not sure why my original post was deleted, but I'm having serious issues printing items that I had been able to print before with no problem and I'm not sure what to check out to see if it needs fixing or something to be adjusted.

The height this issue happens at isn't 100% the same each time. It does happen to be near the 6-7 inch in height when the issue starts to show up.

I've done things like slow the print speed down overall, force it to stay on a layer height for 30 seconds or longer. Changing these is no longer making the print nice and smooth in that area.

Images below.

This is illustrating that I've been able to print this same file perfectly fine before. The stick part of the print is separate from the red orb and the base it's sitting on.


Here is my multiple attempts to print the same file again and again, failing or getting it to print but it looks like garbage near the top.


Here's another print all together that also has the same issue of horrible lines after the height of 6-7 inches.



And here's what the print looks like on the bottom, totally fine an acceptable in quality.


I'm using 2 different Ultimaker 2 Extended that have both been upgraded to the + kit. The same issue happens on both printers and is a new issue. Printers are about 8 months old. I have them updated to Cura 2.3.1 firmware. Am going to update them to 2.6 (whatever version before 2.7 as I think that's still in beta).

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I have it set to be 30 seconds minimum per layer. I've tried up to 1 minute, with the same results.

I also tried printing the knife model tilted ~45 degrees with supports running along the backside of the knife and that one was far worse than the one I just printed vertical. Around the same height mark it turned wavy, almost like forced layer shift, however it "returned" to normal layer position after a bit.

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It can be

-Bed Z screw needs lube. That’s the first thing to check.

- PID bed. To fix that use Tinkergnome firmware. Ultimaker firmware don’t have that. And it makes better Z quality with it active.

- Square flanged bearings faulty

- Z screw nut faulty

- Board gets too hot and you get miss steps. Fix for that is to remove the white cover and put a fan cooling the board.

About all that there’s a good post where other user debug his z banding and fixed it. Also, as you will see if you read all the posts, there are links to other users Z errors. Link: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/20188-smooth-walls?page=1

To debug if it’s the Z bearings/nut. You need to connect the printer by usb and use the Printrun/Pronterface free opensource software (google) and then command the printer moving it on small intervals to see if the Z gets stuck at some points.

Like here:


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