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Please help finish my print !!

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after 2 days of printing the Ultimaker just stopped mid print, froze at the spot.

at 92% finished, this really bums me out.

could it be possible to adjust the G code file to resume where it left off ?

I wrote down the line number it stopped at

line 747507

Please someone adjust my file so I can resume the print, and not lose 2 days and a whole lot of material :(

or take out the bit that was not printed, and let me print it seperate.

here is the Gcode:


Nevermind :)

The print head could not home, and the printed part was in the way :(

so I took it of the bed.


I measured the part that was printed, and with Rhino3D I estimated what part was left to print,

this I cut from the object, and am printing the rest now, lets hope it fits !


I think what might have caused the problem, I wanted to shoot a vid of the last bit of printing,

and I plugged in the power cord of the HD cam, that's when it just stopped.....

guess the printer does not like that, I heard about some having problems with fluorescent lights and it disturbing the Ultimaker signal.


next time I will just let it print til the end, and not bother it :)

another hard lesson learned :(



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and I plugged in the power cord of the HD cam, that's when it just stopped.....


That's interesting. Could you provide me some more details?


  1. Did you use an earthed wall mount?

  2. How much power does your cam consume? (aprox)

  3. what was the distance from your cam up to the first stepper in de neighborhood?

Could you try that again? And it isn't necessary to wait that long:-D We measured just a little disturbance, barely enough to measure, so stopping the engine is bad news, but I assume it can be solved.


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1- I don't have earthed wall mounts in the room.

2- how much the charger uses, I don't know, but I suspect that the capacitors in the charger were the problem.

3- the distance was about 1.5 meters.

I just think I had to many plugs connected to one wall socket, and have changed this around to avoid the is the future :)

the funny thing was, that Cura lost the connection somehow, and the UM did not respond to Cura move or pause commands, I had to restart the whole lot to get printing again.

so it might not have been the UM at fault but my MacMini that lost the connection.


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Wow, ok, that will hardly be the result of an EMC problem.

Imho one should never try to manage cnc machines by a pc/mac, especially not in case of not using earthed wall mounts. Ik Holland we use a phrase like: Asking for trouble...:-D

And don't misunderstand me, it will work for many times, days or even years, but in case of malfunction, you'll never know the excact cause.

After getting the advice about the combination of a pc/mac and an Ultimaker, I bought the Ulticontroller to avoid this.

Anyway, you already succeeded to work around the problem. Did you manage to print the rest of it?


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