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Upcoming Print-Preview-Throne of the Nautlius King

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Posted · Upcoming Print-Preview-Throne of the Nautlius King

Who knows when this will be done. My design speeds far outpace my print speeds. And, that is assuming the designs are worth a crap. But, he's one cool mollusk.

Throne of the Nautilus King.

Well, this little beastie will be a chore to print. 169 hours just for the main part: The Nautilus King main body on top of the blackish base with the sunglasses. Mostly made of fractals that I assembled. I just like weird stuff.....

None of my current prints takes less than 3 days and most about 4.5 on average.

The CeegarSmoke (That is what I named it) will only take 1.5 Hours. I took the Nautilus syphon and turned it into a cigar. The CeegarSmoke is a separate piece to be affixed.

The Sunglass Lenses will take 1.5 Hours. Again, separate pieces to be affixed.

I am not sure about the base as I have the base design finished, but none of the electronic 'holder/mounting' parts sized or designed for the internals. I know I have enough room.

Height will be about 200mm, made to be lit from inside with varying degrees of transparency and colors using a variety of paints and snaking Fibre Optics as well as Neon Glow Fibre Optics. So, I gotta figure how many and what size everything will be to print the base.





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Posted · Upcoming Print-Preview-Throne of the Nautlius King

Oehh looks very interesting! I can not help to read 'Game of Thrones, the nautlius king' the first 4 times I read the title. I guess they own the word 'throne' now :p Will you also print it completely hollow if you want to illuminate various parts, or will you use infill to your advantage and use it to add effects to your model?

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Posted (edited) · Upcoming Print-Preview-Throne of the Nautlius King

It is to be printed hollow with light tube paths for neon and regular fibre optics. Right now I am printing out some things to see how well my plans for tubing go. It is taking forever to get the material out of the tiny areas and you can see that through the clear PLA. So, that is what is taking so long. A lot of tests to get the light paths correct and also find out about getting all that PVA out of some tough areas.

Edit: Added Pics.

This is the solid view. I added the Mohawk since I first posted.


X-Ray view to show thin skin from hollowed object. And, no red areas :)


Sliced view at about mid level of the ceegar. I went with the line type color so you could see the walls and hollows better. But, wow, it is a confusing set of images.


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