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Pause at height in Cura 3.0.3 - Temperature settings


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Posted · Pause at height in Cura 3.0.3 - Temperature settings

Hi all,

in Cura 3, there are now 2 new options for the Pause at height post processing script (under Extensions>Post Processing>Modify G-Code): Standby Temperature and Resume Temperature

So, while I get that the manual temperature setting is meant to be useful in order to avoid clogging during extended pauses, I am struggling with the settings here, and so far I have not found information on how to use this properly. I was hoping someone could help me find some answers, maybe you have a link to a more detailed explanation, than what's currently in the release notes. That would already help me. In any case, below some questions and suggestions from my POV:

For me, not being very sophisticated when it's coming to detailed settings, and who prefers to use default profiles, manually typing in temperatures is a bit confusing, and requires extra steps, e.g.: Would I need to find out the temperature, that is used in the current profile and type it in the Resume Temperature field? Will the value typed in there be the temperature that will be used from that point on forward, or is it just starting from that temperature again, and resume with temperature settings as per material profile?

The first time I tried it out, I just gave it a shot with the default settings of "0" degrees Celcius, because I though that this might be just placeholders that say: "don't change any temperatures"? At least that's what I was hoping ;-) But of course, with these settings, the print will never continue, so I think from a usability perspective, it might be better to have some default values in there, and you only adjust when you feel there's the need to. As it is now, it is forcing the user to put values in there. In the versions before Cura 3, where these temperature settings were not visible, the print just continued with the initial printing temperature.

Also, I don't understand, in which cases you would even need to change the Resume Temperature. Wouldn't a tick box be sufficient enough that says "cool down nozzle during pause"? Why would you explicitely need to type in the resume temperature? E.g. when you change your material, aren't the temperature settings automatically coming from the profile you selected?

I already apologize for this much text for something, that's probably clear for most of you experienced users. But like I said, I couldn't find the answers so far.

As a workaround for myself, I now used an older Cura Version - this worked fine, also after a firmware update (UM2ext+).

Hope that makes sense, would be happy for some tips on that.

Thanks in advance,


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