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3D face of a 2D photo

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My question would be that someone has to have tried to use the machine to print the face photo (2d) ? if so what are your experiences? Which program to suggesting? How detailed (recognizable) will the face?

P.S :

I saw the statue of Yoda, :) the detail is very nice, I wonder if a good-quality of face photo you can do this same thing with the machine?

Thanks your help! :)


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I'm sorry I think you misunderstood. Maybe my poor english. :) So the question is. I have a face photo, example me. I saw there is a lot's of program that can two 2d photo to render 3d face photo. But I don't know the printing quality with the Ultimaker machine. I didn't found example on the internet...

So what is your oppinion? Can I make a little face scalpture whit the ultimaker? How will recognize the face sculpture? The quality is salable? But I can this only more expensive machines?

Thanks so much!


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You generally can't take a single 2D picture and turn it into a 3D object - there's not enough information about the relative depths of the parts. But if you have lots of pictures taken from different angles, in theory you can get a 3D object using software like 123D Catch. Although I don't know anyone who has gotten particularly good results using it.

An alternative approach is to use various 3D scanners - you can use something like a Microsoft Kinect with suitable software (e.g., Skanect, ReconstructMe, or kScan3D) to capture a 3D model directly. These can then be printed very nicely with an Ultimaker.

Here's a couple of scans and prints I made recently - the larger one using KScan3D and a Kinect; the smaller a Carmine v1.09 and Skanect.

Evie Bust

Self Portrait

Both printed on an Ultimaker.


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