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Cura 3.1 Dual not printing correctly

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I am having a problems with doing dual prints with cura 3.1

It seem to be printing the item before the ooze shield. So it is not priming the second nozzle on tool switch.

Cura 15 would print the ooze shield first then the item.


Is there any options to change this?

I have tired adding in a prime tower but the same thing happens It prints the item before the prime tower.


This is with ultigcode.


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1 minute ago, ultiarjan said:

Just did a dual print, Cura 3.1 and Ultimaker3, including a prime tower. The print order is correct.


Are you sure? can you show a video? 

I will get a video later today.

And this is an ultimaker 2 extend thats converted to dual.


I normally use simplify3d for my dual prints with only an ooze shield printed turn iut great. But the support in cura 3.1 is better then simplify3d. So try to use cura for a dual print.


Both nozzles will do the first prime. And first laryer is good. Once it gets to the second laryer,

It will do

T0 ooze shield, item, ooze shield


T1 item, ooze shield, item.

So T1 isnt prime and the item has holes in it.

If i add a prime tower the same thing happens.

Item before prime tower on nozzle switch.


I will get a video in about an hour.

But i use the cura play button and i can see if doing just as said

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I have no idea why you have this issue.


I double checked, also just did a Cura3.1 dual print on the Mark2 Ultimaker2, and the printing order is just fine.


What printer do you use? you may want to check you printer definition (the json file) against the UM3 file of the Mark2 file.

You'll find the mark2 info here;







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Can you post a video of your doing as it should?


I loaded in the mark2 files and added the printer.

I didnt change the profile, just added ooze shield.

And same problem. Preivee shows that it will do the part first then ooze shield.


I also load in the ultimaker 3.

I have to doble check, but pretty sure it did the same thing.

The head move to the far right (for um3 tool change) but went back to the part and didnt item before ooze shield.


Is there an opition in curs i might be missing?


When i used cura 15.04 it would do the ooze shield, prime tower if i turn it on, then part.

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I don't feel like doing a video.... this is the order I got printing on the Mark2 today


(M1 is Left material, M2 is right material)


M1 - skirt
M1 - item
M2 - skirt
M2 tower
M2 - item
M2 - item (2th layer)
M1 - tower
M1 - item
M1 - item 


etc.... always tower before item, did not try the shield, never use it

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Thank you for the information.

I check that out and with ooze shield disable and just prime tower.

It prints in the correct order.


If i do the prime tower and ooze shield, correct order.

Just ooze shield wrong order.


I will do a few test prints and see how they come out without an ooze shield.

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