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Has anyone tested the FILABOT ?

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I was reading a little bit more about this filabot maschine that can recylce PLA plastic for 3d printing.

I was just curous, are there any members here that have actually bought it and tested it ?

it sounds cool ? but i think making nice PLA is not... so so easy...


Ian :-)



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as far as I know (check the latest update movie) they are still developing the machine and it is not finished yet. Sold out means currently the only work on kickstarter machines and will accept no further orders at this stage.

Once everything is shipped people can order machines from their website. But I think it is a good idea to wait until I heard something about quality (tolerance of filament width)


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It looks like Filabot is shipping now. (At least you can get the 'wee' edition)


And they're even selling filament and pellets. Almost all ABS, although there is some PLA in pellet form on their site--


Super curious--Has anyone tried?

@Daid, has your fablab gotten their kickstarter machine yet? The blog says they shipped :)


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i dont know so much about Filabot(like everybody)but iam a proud owner of a filastruder,and it works really nice,as common in 3D printer world its a bit triky to fix and clean process,but when finish that part was really gratefull, with more than aceptable tolerances,right now i only extrude ABS pellets from a local supplyer i buy 25 k and some colorants,be playing and printing for four months now with good resoults, in off to print a lot of pieces.

show you some photos: the green octopus was made with filastruder home made filament and the orange one with premium ABS at 2mm

13   3

13   2

13   1


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@Daid, has your fablab gotten their kickstarter machine yet? The blog says they shipped :)


Nope. Our FabLab is in The Netherlands, and the kickstarter refunded every none-US kickstarter as they did not want to ship over-seas. We did not get an option to pay for the extra shipping (as oversea shipping was more expensive then expected). So after a long wait, and no result, we're no happy user.

On 09 Sep 2013 they messaged us:


Thank you for backing Filabot when we started, and for being supportive through this process.

I am contacting you because I am not able to ship the system you backed for, but I am able to refund you.

I am going to refund you $350.00USD. The full amount that you backed for.

To refund I am going to use paypal. Could you please provide me with your paypal email address to send the funds.


Tyler McNaney


So, after 1 year and 8 months, they say "thank you for the free loan, here is nothing"

I know new product development can be hard, but I do not think this is how you should deal with customers.


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Aw that is too bad about the international orders for Filabots.

Indeed, international shipping is way higher than most people expect, and it varies extremely from country to country.

The Kickstarter Filabot was only $350? Wow they must have been cutting it close to ship at that price.

Since it looks like the machine might be double that price when it's for sale, perhaps it's worth asking whether they would extend the original price + international shipping to the original backers once they figure things out?


Thank you for sharing the Filastruder!

Neat that it works well.

I might get one to try over the holidays, since the kit is not too expensive.

Have you tried any plastics other than ABS?

I'm hoping to make filament by recycling bottles, and would also like a spool winder, so that's why the Filabot looks extra promising.


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I try with nylon powder and it works well, now i be waiting for a new 3mm nozzle with filter to extrude this nylon for the UM2.

Also i have to extrude some recicled plástic from bottles for a tv spot in the next weeks, than can i tell you how it works with first hand info.

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That sounds awesome!

What do you mean by 'nozzle with filter'? Is this different from what is provided with the Filabot?

And, can't wait to see prints made from plastic bottles!


here you can see it:


we are a bit far to extrude plastic bottles and be usefull for 3D printingwith quality. but in few months .....


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if the Filastruder soudns too ominous, at the London 3D print show there was a company called FilaFab. the rates are rather high, as off 600~700 pounds.

I advised them to get funded by the plastic manufacturers, which can give them credit because of teh manufacturers "ownership of end- life plastic".

If anyone in the netherlands wants to set - up an extruder project, I'm interested in hearing what the ideas are!




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