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Suggestion: Support Adhesion Settings

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I'm really excited to try the new Tree settings - I've done some slicing and they look really great, and save a bunch of material.


I've been hopping back and forth between CURA and some competitors as CURA lacks a feature I've suggested/seen implemented elsewhere: Adhesion settings specifically for supports.


I would like to see a nice, inflated, near-solid raft under the supports while leaving the finished surface of my print unmolested on the bed. In the case of objects with good bed contact but tall support structures I often find myself knocking off a support tower due to the tiniest warping of the beginning of the part topping said support.


Allowing a brim or a raft just in that area would be awesome. A possible work around would be exporting the generated support as an object, then importing it with different adhesion settings, but perhaps there is a better way?


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On "Tree", that's what I get, the only option is to add more walls.


Even on regular support, I didn't get as much as I would like, I got a grid under my "zig-zag" support, but I'd like some inflation distance. Adding a Brim everywhere can lead to an ugly part, but looking at these little supports, you can see the huge lever arm they have to pry themselves off the bed with only a couple lines of adhesion.


I've used a similar feature with other slicers and I can tell you from experience it can really save your bacon.


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