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  1. Brulti

    Importing STL into Sketchup

    There are also a ton of free add-ons that enable you to do many things. As @kmanstudios said, Blender has quite the learning curve, and you'll need to dedicate time to learn it's intricacies and get enough of a hold of it to be able to use it efficiently. But it is very powerful. The new version is supposed to improve the readability of the UI, among many other things, but it is still in beta, so, if you give it a try, don't be surprised to find bugs, and if you do, report them to the Blender team.
  2. Interesting. It looks like the option's name is even more descriptive that I thought: 'Automatically drop model to the build plate.' It does indeed drops the model if it's not touching the buildplate, but doesn't raises it if it's below it. As you say, @Smithy, you never stop learning! 😏
  3. I have no idea since I don't know the first thing about coding and use the standard CURA code. Maybe you should deactivate your wipe for this specific print?
  4. Aye, the printer won't print anything that is below Z=0.
  5. Don't forget to uncheck the option that makes CURA place the model automatically on the bed, else it might not accept your new Z value.
  6. Brulti

    Printer and Gcode Print Parallel to Support

    I never used Octoprint myself, so I can't really help you. Others here are more familiar with it, I'm sure they'll be able to help.
  7. Brulti

    Printer and Gcode Print Parallel to Support

    What is shown on CURA should be the instructions that will be in the gcode sent to the printer... Seems like a bug to me. What are you using to see what the printer will do and find the difference between CURA and the gcode?
  8. Brulti

    Layer thickness

    Not at the moment. The only thing that approaches this is the 'Adaptive layers' option but that won't allow you to choose where you want thicker or thinner lines, it does it automatically on specific places on a print, to make holes or curves look more smooth while not requiring you to print your whole object at 0.06mm, for example.
  9. If you can't fix it in any CAD program, you can cheat using the Support: use the same extruder for support than for your print, set the 'Support Z Distance', 'Support X/Y Distance' and 'Minimum Support X/Y Distance' to 0, and activate 'Enable Support Roof'. This will basically turn the layer into a fully filled-in layer, and there will be virtually no difference between that layer of support and the object you want to print, save for some oddly orientated lines if one looks at the bottom of the object closely.
  10. You need to change 'Support Placement' to 'Everywhere'.
  11. Brulti

    Prime Tower Layer #5 Infill?

    I never had the issue, and it looks like a bug since it definitely shouldn't be doing that. That being said, if you're using UM materials, the prime tower is mostly useless. Settings for UM materials on CURA are fine-tuned enough that you don't need it. I haven't sued a prime tower in a while and I do dual printing frequently, especially with PVA for support. Can't say for dual printing with other brands.
  12. The sides of the glass plates are different? 😮 Never really saw much difference... I print on the 'back', relative to the sticker, of one of my glass plate due to the way it is slightly bent, and it sticks as well as the other side when the printer is properly calibrated, ie first layer is squished enough.
  13. Brulti

    PVA pas très fiable !

    Tu peux en fabriquer une drybox toi-même, ce n'est pas très compliqué et tu peux trouver des modèles et des instructions sur ce forum ou sur thingiverse, par exemple, avec les fichiers pour imprimer le moyeu pour tenir le rouleau de filament. Grâce à ça, j'ai pu faire des impressions sur un plusieurs jours avec du PVA sans aucun problème. Et j'ai une UM3E.
  14. Brulti

    3D Printing Pavilion

    That's awesome. Can you claim one piece for a start, if you're n ot sure you can print more, then claim more afterwards if you realize you have free printer time to do so?
  15. Brulti

    PVA pas très fiable !

    Pareil: le PVA ultimaker, s'il est stocké au sec, ne pose aucun problème.

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