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  1. I would second the checkbox idea if it's doable.
  2. Ok, I understand your problem now. I wish I could help, but having never used anything else than a UM printer, I have no idea what could be done. Perhaps what you suggest for non-UM printers would be good: baseline retraction for the printer and delta for the filament...
  3. Brulti

    Cracking/popping of PVA filament

    I found out that you can also solve this by putting the PVA in a plastic bag with some desiccant and wait a couple days for the desiccant to absorb all the moisture. Saved half a roll of PVA this way, whihc I was quite happy about given how expensive PVA is...
  4. You know that you can create your own profiles in CURA? So you can create a profile with retraction set at 1.5mm and name it 'Creality', for example, and you're good.
  5. Brulti

    weak print with too strong support

    From what you said, @Flutelab, it feels like you were expecting something that was plug-and-play, or hit-print-and-forget, to be more accurate. I'm afraid that, unfortunately, the technology available to us for 3D printing isn't yet at this level of refinement, and probably won't be until we manage to invent something resembling the replicators in Star Trek which manipulates matter at the atomic level and uses micro-gravitational field as support for things that need it. No matter what brand of printer you buy, or what kind of technology you chose to use, you will always have to fiddle with the settings to achieve the results you're looking for, make test to see with your eyes how the material you're using works in certain situation, and need tools to remove support in some situations. It's a simple fact of the 3D printing technology at the moment. Ultimaker has done a very awesome job creating generic profiles for their materials, but they're generic and thus they'll require fiddling to fit your particular needs. And, so far, I've been very satisfied with their filaments, but I've spent countless hours doing some testing to see how they react in certain situations, the effects of support, dual extrusion and so on, to get the experience and the answers. If you're not ready to spend time before the print, to prepare it, and after the print, to clean it and such, maybe 3D printing is not for you.
  6. Brulti

    Ultimaker s5 or 3?

    From personal experience, flexible material wouldn't fit the bill for printing organs. I've printed with TPU 95 and realized that it was very good for neat geometric designs, but the material is too viscous for printing organic shapes nicely. You'll end up with little blobs and stringing and such everywhere. As @gr5 said, I believe that mold and cast would be your best solution.
  7. Brulti

    CURA UX survey broken?

    Damn, I missed the forum post... You're welcome, though I think I'll stop at two fillings, more would be too much. 😉
  8. Brulti

    Vos avis sur Freelabster

    Le site refonctionne depuis lundi, mais merci quand même!
  9. HI, I tried to take the survey twice but each time I ended up with an error message: Thank you for completing the survey! Error code: 2T252/2
  10. Brulti

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    Ok, that makes sense and it's easy to remember, especially if you write the instructions nearby. 😉
  11. Brulti

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    @ghostkeeper Is the box only for the formatting or can I just type something like 'Printer 01' and it will work as well?
  12. Brulti

    Pineapple Lamp body

    Our good friend kmanstudios is a specialist of making insanely long print... But they are usually very good looking prints!
  13. Brulti

    Print without an SD card

    Thanks for the info @nallath. @prb4 My mistake, I don't print via USB but via the Ethernet cable connected to the LAN port. I typed USB but I meant LAN, my apologies for the confusion.
  14. Brulti

    Print without an SD card

    My printer is on another room: I use a router and ethernet cable. And, unless I'm mistaken, UM doesn't do much support, if at all, for printing via SD card anymore. Everything is going network now, especially with Cura Connect and such. You can work on your printer farm from Cura directly, deciding whihc print goes where and such.
  15. Brulti

    tuto radeau

    Pour le PC, tu a bien mis de la colle ou un adhésif sur le plateau?

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