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  1. Brulti

    Post your latest print!

    More like copper than red anything! XD
  2. Brulti

    emblem to 3D printable model

    You got it right. Inkscape converts mostly any picture format into an svg file, which is a vector based format, that you can then import on any 3D modeling program and turn into a mesh, thus allowing you to manipulate them, then export as an stl for printing. Being a windows user, I have no idea what program on macs are able to do the conversion to svg, but I'm sure there are programs that can do so.
  3. Brulti

    emblem to 3D printable model

    I have no idea. The inkscape method works for me, it's strange that inkscape doesn't download on your mac.
  4. Brulti

    emblem to 3D printable model

    Tinkercad isn't a photo manipulation program. You can use Inkscape for that, I gave you a method on a previous message with a link to a video that shows and explains it all. It's a quick and easy solution that takes less than 2 minutes to turn your JPG into a 3D file that you can then print using Inkscape and Blender, both are free programs.
  5. Brulti

    Post your latest print!

    I fully support that idea!
  6. Brulti


    I believe I opted-out of every newsletter because that's essentially repeat information since I'm often on the forums. Will that be a problem? As a side-note, this is something I appreciate with UM: you send the information through various channels and don't just rely on only one way of communicating with your customers and the community.
  7. Brulti

    Problème première couche DagomaDiscoEasy200

    Bonjour, Je te conseillerais de contacter ton revendeur ou Dagoma directement. Ce forum est consacré aux imprimantes Ultimaker, je ne suis pas sur que tu pourras avoir une réponse à ton problème.
  8. @johnEclark65 What you describe is best done in a modeling program, scaling only part of a mesh requires many calculations and that's not what CURA is for. You're not supposed to be modeling anything in CURA. Besides, there is the 'Scale' menu in CURA that allows you to scale your models either along all three axis or just one or two, depending if you check or uncheck the 'Uniform Scaling' option, and you can set it either by percentage of the original size or give it a precise size by entering the length in millimeters yourself. If you know that the horseshoer is 5 millimeters thick in the original, and you cant it to be 10 millimeters thick, then that's a 200% increase along the Z axis, for example. The calculations aren't very difficult.
  9. I agree with this. CURA should focus on being a very good slicer and not try to cross into modeling territory.
  10. Brulti

    Support Features

    You're welcome @PapaSean, though I just repeated instructions provided on another topic, by someone from UM I believe. Though, sometimes, it's not easy to find a specific information on the forums. I don't really understand why that person is adding so many support blocker cubes instead of resizing them, especially since the model doesn't requires that much support in the first place and they do show that you can resize them in the video! This makes no sense to me...
  11. Brulti

    Printing screws and lids

    Thanks, I'll give it a look.
  12. Brulti

    Printing screws and lids

    Thanks all for your answers. To sum it up: - Put in a tolerance of 0.2mm to 0.3mm in the design, - No support is better, - Clean the hole afterwards with a metal thread or a drill the size of the screw. Looking a bit more closely at the design on Thingiverse, it would seem that there is no tolerance at all between screw and hole, thus the problems I have making them fit. I'm not yet at the stage where I can design stuff, still learning. Although, I'm using Blender and I've found add-ons that adds premade mechanical objects like screws and gear that you can then edit via a menu. I guess I'll have to give it a closer look soon. @geert_2 Teardrop shaped holes is an amazing idea!
  13. Brulti

    Unnecessary support structures CURA

    There isn't one such setting as far as I know. You'll have to play with the settings in the Support menu. And maybe put in some support blocker for those last bits of support if they are really annoying or damaging for you. Make sure that you have all the settings visible by going to Preferences > Configure Cura > Settings and click on the small box next to 'Check All' until there's a tick mark in it. That way you'll have all the settings visible on the Print Setup window. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you find your way soon enough.
  14. @Shadowman You are misinterpreting or misreading what I posted, but it's alright, written communication via forums comes with it's drawbacks. The only thing that I consider spam in what you posted are the several posts in this thread that only contains '???'. They add nothing to the conversation and serves no real purpose except to keep poking Ultimaker every few days, which is, in my opinion, completely unproductive. As for your other points: - SandervG is, for all intent and purpose, the spokeperson of UM on the forums. Why would other people from UM reach out to you when it is his job to be listening and answering to people here on the forums, which he did by replying to you several times, and he already gave all the information he could here, on this very thread? This makes no sense to me. - You're wrong on two points: SandervG did apologize for the inconvenience on his message on November 2nd on behalf of UM, using those very words, and there has been communication from UM since SandervG did communicate with you on this thread and others. So, while I can certainly understand your feeling about this whole situation; though I'd point out that how much you spent is irrelevant since I consider that a company should always deliver what they advertise whether you spent 10$ or 10 millions $, my feeling is that you are overreacting a bit. Patience is a virtue, it's been barely two weeks since SandervG informed you of the situation. UM obviously got caught by surprise with this problem, which can happen to any company, and they're looking into solutions. But don't expect them overnight. It's highly likely, in my opinion, that the aluminum plate won't be shipped before next year, and I'm quite sure that Ultimaker will offer some form of compensation for the inconvenience and the delays at this time, once they've solved their problems.
  15. Brulti

    Printing screws and lids

    You're pointing out something that I knew but forgot and should have checked: whether the designer did leave a bit of a gap between screw and hole, or lid and box. I'll give a look at some of the stl I downloaded online to check this. Also, lid/box alignment is sometimes important and annoying when it doesn't match. I downloaded and printed a point counter for a game, better than writing and erasing on a sheet of paper or a dry erase board, and the misalignment is big enough that the arrows on both sides of the number wheels are not aligned when all the pieces of the counter are properly tightened. It makes reading the score a bit difficult since you don't read the same number depending on which arrow you're looking at... 🤔

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