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SolidWorks Import Plug-In (Quality Settings)


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Posted · SolidWorks Import Plug-In (Quality Settings)

When exporting STL's from SolidWorks, you get "Course", "Fine", or "Custom".


While the line sizes are reasonable (Fine gives good detail), it does a terrible job on circles. Printing a blow off valve for a friend, the low angle tolerance even on fine setting assured that I had a triacontakaihexagon* instead of a circle which in turn meant my part didn't fit without encouragement. 50 um accuracy sacrificed on the altar of poor assumptions.


I propose adding a "custom" setting to the plug in, I'd like to add to the current:
Course (Deviation: 0.0397 mm Angle: 30*)
Fine (Deviation: 0.0153 mm Angle: 10*)

...the following:
Course (Deviation: 0.0250 mm Angle: 1.5*)


I end up doing this manually now, exporting from SolidWorks each time - but I miss the tool, and I miss how much HDD space I save not having multiple copies of each model.

Is anyone else seeing this or do they have a better way to deal with it? If there's a config file I can just put the numbers into, I would be very happy about it!




*36 sided polygon (I had to look that up)

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    Posted · SolidWorks Import Plug-In (Quality Settings)

    Ah, looking in 



    I found the following code (C:\Users\CaptainFantastic\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.2\plugins\CuraSolidWorksPlugin\CuraSolidWorksPlugin\SolidWorksConstants.py):

        class swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e:
            swExportSTLQuality = 78
            swExportStlUnits = 211
        class swSTLQuality_e:
            swSTLQuality_Coarse = 1
            swSTLQuality_Fine = 2
            swSTLQuality_Custom = 3

    I have a sense these would do what I want (even if I have to set settings in SW itself), but I'm not sure how?

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    Posted · SolidWorks Import Plug-In (Quality Settings)

    Hey @AbeFM,


    thank you for the mail you wrote.

    You observed the code very well, what you see is a work in process in getting own values applied.

    But there were many bugs I had to fix and there is currently an updated version of the plugin, which waits for weeks to be distributed by Ultimaker.


    This page is summarizing and showing what you can expect in version 0.5.0:



    For all the plugin discussions I would suggest to use one thread because it is rather quiet about the plugin in the community at the moment.


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