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BUG: Adding Materials/Window Closes

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When adding a material, and editing it., the window where I set the material properties will spontaneously disappear. I did this both from "create" and "duplicate".


I thought it had to do with setting the spool mass (perhaps some divide-by-zero error), but editing any of the blanks seems to encourage it to 'crash'. The rest of the program functions fine.


During this process, the added material may or may no appear on the material list. It may not appear there, but can be there the next time you open the list. After 3 failed attempts, I reloaded CURA and found the 3 materials there. I deleted them and was able to get one functioning.


I know it's not a heck of a lot of info - I'm happy to help debug as I can if you have something for me to try.


CURA 3.2.0, Win10, updated.

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are you serious Ultimaker ?
the 3.1 don't work if you installed 3.1Beta before, and can't change settings

now the 3.2 has all materials in 2.85mm and if you create a new it simply disapears ...

a newser version of a software is not supposed to correct errors like this ?

a slicer is totally useless if you can't change simple things like the fialement diameter or any settings -__-


I changed from S3D (paid) to Cura on Cura 3.1Beta ... but it's a pain with 3.2 too ... will go back to S3D of CraftWare

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I'm pretty sure it's a bug.


Chill out and let's see if we can help them fix it.


Losing my old settings is more impactful. The filament settings DID work if I just kept trying. Inexcusable in release software but something that is solvable.

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