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Pause at height : gravitational oozing

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HUGE fan of Cura!!

However I have some issues with the pause at heigth function.

The function itself works very well, but while I pause the print to do a manual intervention a lot of PLA is oozing out of the nozzle. So, when I restart the print, the material is not coming out of the nozzle just yet, only after ~3 layers the density is as it should be, so I have a print that easily breaks in two pieces.

I tried playing with retraction, but it does not imprve.

Personally I would like to stop heating the nozzle, so it can cool down to ~170°C to stop the oozing. And to reheat it to printing temperature after I am done with my intervention.

Any suggestions?


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First know that it's easy to edit this plugin and change the G commands that are inserted. So you could lower the temp if you wanted although if the temp is too low Marlin will disable the extruder motor. I think 180C might be the threshold - not sure.

Personally I only use this function to change filament so it takes me a while to remove the old filament and then insert the new filament. About the time I get the new filament locked down the Extruder axis unpowers and I can move the large extruder gear by hand. I prime quite a bit of filament until the color has changed and then I turn the wheel backwards by about 1/3 (the amount it turned backwards an instant before it paused - I watch it carefully and duplicate that amount).

Only after all that do I continue the print.

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One thing you could do is turning the big wheel by hand a bit before continuing. It's a bit hacky, but it works. You could also modify the plugin to cool down and heat up. But you would still have some oozing.

(And, it's not due to gravity, as it also happens if you have your printer upside-down)


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