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ColorFabb default settings disable retraction?

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I bought a spool of orange ColorFabb filament, and this is my first real try printing with non-Ultimaker filament.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were presets for ColorFabb, and I used them.  I got terrible results -- oozing, stringing, knotting.


I tried multiple prints varying the print temperature, but saw the same thing.  Then I put my fingers gently on the filament entering the feeder, and noticed that there was absolutely no retraction happening.  None.  I double checked, and "Retraction" was selected in the Cura settings.  So I set Cura to Ultimaker PLA (forcing the temperatures and speeds to be the same as before, and printing worked much better:



Is it possible that there's an error in the ColorFabb presets?  Is there something that needs to be done other than checking the "retraction" box to get retraction going for non-Ultimaker filament?

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You should be able to enable it after selecting it. The profile should just be a list of settings to start with, but not locking them. As for Colorfabb, I just use the basic PLA profile and only change the temp to about 195 for the most part.


Edit: My choice of PLA when slicing is based on the color I wish to see the model in. All the PLA settings, as far as I know, are pretty much the same.

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To be clear, I'm not suggesting it's locked out.  I can (and did) check the retraction checkbox -- it just isn't actually enabling retraction during the print.  As I said in my first post here, assigning the extruder to "Ultimaker PLA" settings causes the retraction to work, and the ColorFabb prints very nicely.

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8 hours ago, jhirschman said:

Here's a screenshot of how I assigned a particular extruder to use ColorFabb PLA/PHA by clicking the "Material" pulldown. 

I did the same but as I said before my Cura didn't ship with such settings with Cura 3.2.0. 


@kmanstudios do you have the Colorfabb option? Maybe they got added with the 3.2.1 release. 

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I'm a little new to Cura.  Maybe I did clone a profile and modified it, but I don't know how I did.


Regardless, it seems to me that if I have the retraction box checked, then retraction should work.  I'm in the middle of a long print, but I'll try this again, validate the retraction not working, and post the profile.

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My apologies -- this looks like pilot error.  I first bought this spool of filament about a year ago, and did a little experimenting with it on a couple of very simple things, and then didn't really use it for any projects.  I think during that initial use I created a new profile, forgot I did that, and then a year later erroneously thought this was an official Cura profile.


I just created a clean, brand new project, used the default generic PLA profile, and retraction works fine.


Again, sorry for the false alarm.

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