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Inner and outer wall are not attached

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Yes, photos would help a lot. Is it not touching all the way around, or just on certain areas? If its the former, then it's probably due to extruding just a little bit less than it should all the time. If it's just in certain areas, then it's probably a belt tension issue causing backlash, which means that the head stops short on some moves.

Also what slicer and version are you using?


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I should get my camera back tonight, then I'll snap some pictures. In the meantime I'll try to explain how it looks.

I've had my Ultimaker only for a few days, so the belts are still very tight. But I do notice subtle signs of underextrusion on some parts of my print. I think this is also due to my filament thickness being just a little thinner then I specified in Cura. My digital calipers should arrive tomorrow or the day after, so I wouldn't be suprised if it's just a little bit thinner than 2.85 mm.....

I am looking at some of my previous prints... and I can see that on one side of the prints, lines are a little more 'tight' than the other side. I would really love to get some feedback on this because I'm so new to printing accuracy and stuff like that. I'll get pictures as soon as possible.


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