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what settings for 0.8 nozzle, 0.4 to 0.6 mm layer height PLA and UM2+

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Hi all


I have an ultimaker 2+ and recently also bought a Lulzbot Taz 6 with the MOARstruder and was curious to see how far the Ultimaker 2+ 0.8 nozzle could be pushed.

I am not expert at 3D printing or adjusting these settings so excuse me for asking here.


PLA Material (Ultimaker)

UM 2+

0.8 mm nozzle

0.4 - 0.6mm layer height or max


As far as I know speed temp has to be fined tuned right?

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Well UM printers can print a volume of about 5 to 8 cubic mm/sec through a 0.4mm nozzle at 230C and the 0.8 has 4X the area so you should be able to push 20-30  mm^3/sec.  

So for example if you want to approach those speeds I would do:

line width=0.8

layer height = 0.5mm (so thick!)

print speed=50 to 75mm/sec


If you multiply line width, layer height, print speed you get the volume rate of extrusion.  0.8 X 0.5 X 50 = 20mm^3/sec



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do you have to adjust the temp too or is that pre defined by the material PLA Ultimaker?

I was not able to find anything to set the temp to 230 C.




Also I know it is big 😉. This is for rough prototyping only


i have the moarstruder for a taz 6 and the s-Erde for inclass rough prototyping is great


we have 4 um2+ in my class room so we might consider to use the 0.8 mainly now

since often model studies is what students print


we have one um3 for finer prints

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