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How get a picture of a unknown printer on the workspace

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I give you the information for the Anet A8 3D printer but you may apply it to all printers


You can see a picture of your printer, and you now have in your GCode File a complete list of all your current settings


In this way you have also your printers more directly available


Cura is managing the printers in a hierarcchical way, starting from a fdmprinter and overriding the settings to your specific needs in the following levels.

I manage my printers this way

1) fdmprinter

2)My_Printers in which I put all the common needs for my printers :

some samples

- "gantry_height":
                { "comment":"to prevent printing sequence One at a Time",
                "default_value": 0.1 },

- endGcode

-startGcode (with a code that gives you all the parameters used at the top of your GCode file !!!!!)

- material diameter (for me always 1.75mm)


It allows also to define what paramers type you make visible on your panel  "has machine quality" to make my specific profiles, "has variants" to have the settings for Direct or Remote(E3Dv6) extruder on the panel

3)Anet_A8 my own printer where I put information specific to this printer (ex buildPlate dimension, fobidden areas...and the picture (as a stl File


How to proceed (windows 7 and cura 3.3.1)

-Download the attached log file

-Change the type of the file to .rar

-Decompress the various folders in the directory  user/AppData/Roaming/cura/3.3

-Launch Cura

-Choose create a new printer You will see a new category (My 3D Printers) in which are the Anet A6 and Anet A8

-Create one you'll see the boardplate but now with a picture of the printer Enjoy !!!



On the right pane you have now a new choice extruder type genuine(Direct) or E3Dv6 (Remote). This will change some settings (retraction_amount)




Furthermore, if you slice a model, now you'll have a complete list of all your settings at the beginning of the GCode File (you can see and select them with PSPAD or notepad or SCite or whatever software editing files.


Various pictures of the beginning of the GCode File (notice the hierarchical tab in the settings un the quality category)






You'll find a sample GCode file








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modify a file
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Yes it's this option, here is a view of the window


You see the newcategory and on picture 2, when you select the category, you see the anet A8 and A6


CaptureNewPrinter1.JPG.44c00933d844646db2d2006cefa21b17.JPGCaptureNewPrinter2.JPG.3b50a95b42fca7b41170a7e0681deb85.JPGar file

Have you make the change in rar and then put all the files in the folders in the directory i give you (ie the files in the definition folder in the rar file are to put in the definition folder in the directory i gave you and so on.


And after restart Cura

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The settings are those I have on my computer today but a few were modified when I checked my solution


You have them at the beginning of the GCode file in the thread. With my solution you have your settings before each GCode instructions


Comparing with yours i have 1 or 2 walls, no extra walls, same speed for walls, innewalls

I notice also you have a line width of 0.39 keep it for the skin but put 0.4 for inner walls

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I had to go back to my original profile. I tried printing a small part with yours. Here is what happened.. I got the word Impression... on the screen right away when I hit print. Then it started printing before extruder heat or bed heat came up. I don't understand how that is possible with our printers being the same.

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Excuse me ,but i didnt check by printing a part .


When I create the My_Printer.def.json where is the start Gcode, I suppress the 2 commands M190 and M109 which make the temperature of the bed and the nozzle ?


I Have modified the log file and tested on a small piece. You have to extract this file and overwrite the one you have on your machine


For my settings, I cannot tell you they are better than yours, I just notice some values in yours were different.

Maybe also put an overflow of 105?

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Yes. Thanks JCD. I appreciate you going to all the trouble. I think you have it now. Any A8 user will appreciate the additions. I didn't notice any differences in our settings that would cause this problem. Although I print at very high quality, .1 and also 35% infill is my standard. It is not uncommon for me to have a print that takes 4-5 days to finish. It makes me a better Fusion 360 user because I hate to have to reprint stuff! Thanks again!

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JCD - first of all, thanks! Have you tried upgrading to Cura 3.6? I followed your instructions to install the A6 printer and everything seems to work except for the 'Extruder Type'. I get a configuration error screen which says:


"Your configuration seems to be corrupt. Something

seems to be wrong with the following profiles:

- Anet_A6_Direct

Would you like to reset to fact......."


I've looked through the various files contained within the .rar file but I'm unable to find anthing obvious.........

Any suggestions?


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