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stuck on User Agreement

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Posted · stuck on User Agreement

Hi all
        Im having trouble starting Cura 3.4.1 the latested version. The version
 i got with the printer is 15.04.3 and is ok. my laptop is of good spec  
 intel (R) HD Graphics Ver=8.15. 10.2086 shared graphics on a laptop win 7 64bit i5 cpu
 it does run OpenGL....ive loaded glviewer and works ok.........
So the problem is that ver 3.4.1 gets stuck on user agreement and then stops.i have other slicers i can use
but prefer Cura.  thanks for the help if you can.

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    Posted · stuck on User Agreement

    I don't know how it came to be, but it seems that your main configuration file got given a newer version number than what we currently use (version 6 instead of 4).


    One simple solution is to delete the file: C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.4\cura.cfg


    This will reset your preferences, such as whether you have auto-slice enabled and that sort of stuff, but will not delete your profiles or the slicing settings. In the preferences window you can set your preferences back to what you prefer to use.

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    Posted · stuck on User Agreement

    I'm not sure, but aren't you confusing setting_verion and version? VersionUpgrade32to33 sets the version to 6.


    Either way, that should not result in a crash after the license agreement window showing up, and if it did it would show in the logs. As is, the logs don't show the actual crash, which suggests to me that the crash happens "outside of" Cura. A common culprit in that sort of crashes is the GPU driver.


    @crash007, you specify a driver version, but not what Intel GPU you have (HD Graphics refers to a family of GPUs). Have you tried updating the Intel driver?

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    Posted (edited) · stuck on User Agreement

    yes the GPU driver is the latest driver and also ive updated win 7 to sp2 ...... well ive installed the updates but it dose not show it is SP2 and I think that's due to GPU too... I don't see any way pass this unless I get another laptop.

    I deleted the file Cura.cfg and no change

    I also uninstalled 3.4.1 and reinstalled no change


    Edited by crash007
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    Posted · stuck on User Agreement

    Hi I'm having the same issue.


    Crashing on user agreement.


    I have a pc windows 10 64bit


    Intel HD 530 graphics card with latest driver installed.


    No Minecraft installed.


    I would show you the log file but can't seem to find the location.


    I can't find that file location to delete either.





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    Posted · stuck on User Agreement

    I have the same issue with the latest version.

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    Posted · stuck on User Agreement

    I run cura 3.6.18 lulzbot edition on my taz 6 and have had this issue as well even after I searched my entire PC for "cura" and deleted everything then did a reinstall and still had this issue with a user agreement UI crash. I work with computers and electronics professionally so I do have a tiny bit more experience with trouble shooting issues. When I looked over my files under the programs files for cura I noticed something that could be the cause of my problems and when it fixed the issue for me (after a lot of delete and install sessions with cura) I felt I had to share with the community just how to fix it. Sorry to ramble on, so without further delay, here is how I fixed it and it's really simple and anyone can do this.


    1) navigate to your program files and open your cura files up.

    2)Scroll down towards the bottom of the files and look for a folder (it's a zipped folder with the zipper icon going down the center of the folder) that is called "python35".

    3)Right click the zipped folder and select the option "Extract All..." with a left click while you hover your cursor over it.

    You may need to make a new folder named "python35" in the programs files for cura if you get  a popup or error message, but if you don't that is fine so long as the extracted "python35" normal folder pops up in the files in cura program files. If you do get a issue from extracting just back out and create the folder mentioned above then retry to extract from the zipped folder just like the steps above.

    4)Verify the new folder was created and that it is not a zipped folder (this is something the program needs to run as far as I can tell) so once that's done you should be good to go.

    5)run the program as you would normally and verify everything is working.

    6)If your program loaded the next step is to stand straight up and jump up and down a minimum of 2 times to show your excitement that it is up and running ONCE AGAIN! if it did not work you have 2 options.


    1) start over and make sure to follow instructions as mentioned above with greater care or if that doesn't work..

    2)First uninstall your "cura" program first and then open up your computer panel (the place that shows you all the drives and removable media) and in the search area (on windows 10 it is towards the top right) and be sure to delete all files that have "cura" in it that one aren't repetitive, since you may have several results that are the same file so delete them as they show up in the search to limit the search results) but DON'T DELETE files that have the word "cura" in it since these can contain files used for other programs you may need so not just the "cura" name alone found somewhere.

    2a) Once the program in uninstalled and the search is done with NO remaining"cura" file results found you can continue back to the start.


    NOTE: this may not work in every situation and or cura version or model IE "cura lulzbot edition etc. If that is the case yo have a larer issue/s at hand and may want to contact whoever the software was modified IE lulzbot, Ultimaker etc for further assistance.

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