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New user lot of strings bad accurracy


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Posted · New user lot of strings bad accurracy

Hi all,


I bouth the Ultimaker 4 or 5 days ago and Ihave printed something. The results seems not so good. I think i could not find the optional parameters or settings. Here is the photo of print


and settings from cura 1



I have another problem. Before printing during the heating metarial flow from the nozzle. Is there any solution for tis issue ?

I bought the printer pre assemblied. Maybe problem is about hardware, because i didnt do any thing before print something. Please let me know what should i do.



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    Posted · New user lot of strings bad accurracy

    Your settings look quite good. I call what you are seeing "stringing". I have some tests I did that showed it gets better at lower temperatures but it depends on the filament brand and color. I haven't tested stringing issues for "ultimaker gray" yet. Here is a photo that shows the affect of temperature and stringing:


    You could also try increasing the retraction distance a little - maybe 6mm instead of 4.5mm. But be careful. If you retract too much then air gets in the nozzle and the air bubble rises into the nozzle then it warms up and expands and causes oozing plus later the air comes out and you get missing plastic.

    I use 4.5mm and it is about perfect but I also use one of these:



    Without the above clip you might need a few mm more of retraction.

    HOWEVER, the stringing isn't too bad on your part and is pretty easy to clean up after you are done printing. Some day after you have printed 100 parts you won't care about a little stringing. I recommend buying a small metal file to help remove this kind of thing.


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    Posted · New user lot of strings bad accurracy

    Other issues:

    The two posts on the far left and far right of your CAD model don't seem to quite touch the bed. I think you should check that in your CAD.

    Also make sure your fan on the print head is working - it's hard to tell but it looks a little bit like the fan isn't cooling the part enough between layers. Is it possible that the fan is sucking air instead of blowing air? Ideally the fan should *not* blow directly on the nozzle, but *should* blow onto the part.

    I'm sure you will other problems with other parts you print as there is much more to learn so please let us know what goes wrong next.


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    Posted · New user lot of strings bad accurracy


    Thanks for all your answers and recommandations. Sorry i couldnt reply you quickly. Yes maybe it is about fan but how can i understand it ? Stringing can be problem here is the photos. Maybe its about parameters




    I change only the print speed and travel speed to 80 200 other parameters are same. I need support structure there and it made string when it prints between this support structures.You can see this at photo Than those strings came on the walls and there were some little gaps. Also i noticted that if i dont add any support structers the is less stringing problem ?


    At this there is some litte strings those are happening after it built the support structure.

    last part i print it 50 print speed and 150 travel speed

    And other subeject is i dont know the technical name but here is the photo :)


    on other side isnt that much but still there

    At my first message for that part i have to print it vertical position. Otherwise structure needs a lot of support and this causes bad surface and it isnt looks good.




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