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Weight and time difference btw statistics and prepare windows

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As you can see there is huge difference in weight and time. Ok time it is not so big deal, anyway plus/minus it is possible to estimate. But also not every time. But weight in 3 times difference?! What readings should I take into account? As for me more realistic about weight is from preparing window, in previous version were some small difference, but it was really close.


PS anyway as for my opinion cura nowadays is best slicer on open source field. Probably from commercial products too, but never used anyone.


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I'm not sure whats up with the display of the weight, but both windows seem to agree on the length of filament needed, which is the easiest thing for Cura to calculate from the gcode. And filament weighs about 8g per m, so it seems that the printing window is probably the correct one.

Regarding print time estimates, it's not perfect because it doesn't take into account acceleration time - so prints with lots of fine detail tend to under-estimate print time, because the print head never gets up to full speed. Furthermore, there was a bug in Cura, which caused the slicing window print time estimate to be adjusted in the wrong direction whenever 'minimum layer time' came into play to slow the print down. Instead of the print time being made proportionately longer, it was made shorter. This was fixed in the source code a week or two back, but I don't think it's made it into a release of Cura yet.


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