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"Change Filament" Plugin Stops at Wrong Layer

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I've been using Cura 15.04.6 with my Monoprice Maker Select Mini V2 (uses Marlin flavor) for about a year because I liked the simplicity. I recently downloaded Cura 3.5.0 because I had a project that involved embedding a steel washer in the print and the "Pause" plugin never worked on 15.04.6. Long story short, I figured out that my printer doesn't recognize the M0 or M1 command. It does, however, recognize M600 with no arguments as a pause command. I was able to use the "Change Filament" plugin on 3.5.0 with the filament retraction set to 0 to get the printer to pause, but it would never pause at the correct layer.


The Problem:

My print needs to pause after layer 40 is printed according to the "Layer View" slider in Cura. When I use the "Change Filament" plugin and input layer 40, the M600 line is inserted immediately BEFORE layer 39.

G0 X48.262 Y59.406
G0 X48.262 Y59.406 Z9
M600 ; Generated by FilamentChange plugin
G1 F2400 E1197.38525
G1 X48.259 Y59.394 E1197.38566

I would need this instruction immediately BEFORE layer 41.


But wait, there's more:

My print includes a 4 layer thick raft (base layer, interface layer, and 2 surface layers). I am aware that Cura uses negative layers in the Gcode for raft layers, but my Gcode starts at Layer -6:

G92 E0
G1 F2400 E-4.5
G0 F3600 X45.596 Y49.207 Z0.3
G1 F2400 E0
G1 F900 X45.825 Y48.995 E0.01557

This would make the first layer of the part Layer -2. Now, it is important to remember that the "Layer View" in Cura calls the base layer of the raft Layer 1, so when I say I need to stop after Layer 40, I'm assuming the base layer of the raft to be Layer 1.


So to recap:

1. The "Change Layer" plugin places the M600 line BEFORE the layer that comes BEFORE the one inputted to the Post-Processing dialog.

2. The comments before each layer in the Gcode start at -6, despite a raft that is 4 layers thick.

3. The "Layer View" in Cura says that the base layer of the raft is Layer 1.


Attached is the full copy of the Gcode with Layer 40 in "Change Filament" plugin's dialog. 


Thanks in advance for your help,


MSMV2E3D_Washer Test 2.gcode

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