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What are your alterations?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to optimize my alteration files, and I'd like to know how you've tuned it on your side.

This is the alteration files I use with skeinforge 48 and Marlin_v1 firmware, they were found on Ultimaker wiki :

http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Sprinter_firm ... _Ultimaker

* start.gcode: https://raw.github.com/alx/skeinforge-dotfile/master/alterations/start.gcode

(start of start.txt)
M92 E926.5 (the number of extruder steps to take in 1mm of filament)
G21        (metric values)
G21        (all the extra G21 commands are comments - skeinforge eats lines without a gcode)
G90        (absolute positioning)
G28        (move X/Y/Z to min endstops)
G21        ( if your prints start too high, try changing the Z0.0 below )
G21        ( to Z1.0 - the number after the Z is the actual, physical )
G21        ( height of the nozzle in mm. This can take some messing around )
G21        ( with to get just right... )
G92 X-120 Y-120 Z0.2 E0 (reset software position to front/left/z=0.0)
G1 Z15.0 F400  (move the platform down 15mm)
G1 X0 Y0 F3500 (go to the middle of the platform)
G92 E0         (zero the extruded length)
G1 F75 E5     (extrude 5mm of feed stock)
G1 F75 E3.5   (reverse feed stock by 1.5mm)
G92 E0         (zero the extruded length again)
M1             (Clean the nozzle then press YES to continue...)
G1 Z0.0 F400   (back to Z=0 and start the print!)
(end of start.txt)

* end.gcode: https://raw.github.com/alx/skeinforge-dotfile/master/alterations/end.gcode

(start of end.gcode)
M104 S0                (extruder heat off)
M106                   (fan on)
G91                    (relative positioning)
G1 Z+10 E-5 F400       (move Z up a bit and retract filament by 5mm)
G1 X-20 Y-20 F1500     (move X and Y over a bit)
M84                    (steppers off)
G90                    (absolute positioning)
(end of end.gcode)

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(start of start.txt)M92 E926.5 (the number of extruder steps to take in 1mm of filament)


Might want to change that to E865.888. The 926.5 is what I came up with experimenting with the old-style bolt. Joergan came up with 865.888 on the new-style bolt and I think it works pretty well..

Old bolt vs new bolt pix:

http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Sprinter#Spri ... _and_later


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My only slightly modified start and end codes [edit] in brief I have increased the speed because it was painfully slow, removed retraction from start.gcode because it was unnecessary, and changed 5mm of extrusion to 10mm because it often takes more than 5mm to prime the nozzle


(start of start.txt)G21				(metric)G90				(absolute positioning)G28				(home all axes to min endstops)G92 X-105 Y-105 Z0.0 E0 (reset position to front/left/z=0)G1 Z10.0 F500	(move the platform down 10mm)G1 X0 Y0 F1600	(go to the middle of the build volume/platform)G92 E0			(zero the extruded length)G1 F600 E10		(extrude some filament)G92 E0			(zero the extruded length again)G1 Z0.0 F500	(back to Z=0)(end of start.txt)



(start of end.gcode!)M104 S0				(extruder heat off)M106				(fan on)G91					(relative positioning)G1 Z+10 E-2 F1600	(move Z up a bit and retract filament)G1 X-30 Y-30 F1500	(move X and Y over a bit)G90					(absolute positioning)M18					(steppers off)(end of end.gcode)


I am not using an M92 in the alteration files because it is in the firmware

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