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I have created this thread to keep an overview on which materials are available through Cura as part of our Material Alliance. 

We can add a short description of each material so you have at least a basic idea of its properties. Do realize this is a summary, if you want to know specific properties please visit each filament specific technical data sheet. 

I'll also include a link to each individual thread, in case you want to discuss a material specifically. 

Questions? Feel free to post them below! 


This thread will be updated over time. 



- PET CF. Carbon fiber, high dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, heat-resistant of 74ºC

- PP GF30 . Glass fiber (30%), extreme stiffness, chemical resistance.



- Clariant PA6/66 FR. Flame retardant. 

- Clariant PA6/66 GF20 FR . Glass Fiber (20%), flame retardant.  

- Clariant Pet-G. Chemical resistance, good layer adhesion, heat-resistant ~80ºC. 



- Color On Demand, PLA in 100+ RAL colors at 2kg MOQ.

- woodFill , 70% PLA and 30% wood provides a wood-like texture



- Arnitel ID 2045 . ShoreD 34 hardness, flexible TPC. 

- Arnitel ID 2060 HT . High performance TPC, high temperature, chemical resistance. 

- Novamid ID1030 CF10 PA6/66. Carbon fibers (10%). 



- Zytel 3D1000FL. Ultralow shrinkage. 

- Hytrel 3D41000FL, shoreD 60 hardness.



- Amphora AM3300. Low-odor, styrene-free material.



- Facilan C8 . 3D print almost without layers, good interlayer bonding. 


Igus GmbH

- Iglidur I150 . Self-lubricating, wear resistant. 

- Iglidur I180. Self-lubricating, wear resistant. 



- Luvocom 3F PAHT 9825 NT. Unreinforced PAHT, low warping. 



- NylonG . Glass fiber (~20%). 

- NylonX. Carbon fiber (~20%). 


Owens Corning

- XSTRAND GF30 PP . Glass fiber (30%). 

- XSTRAND GF30 PA6 . Glass fiber (30%). 


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