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Starting a new Fablab in Alkmaar

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Tomorrow, starting at 16.00 until 01.30hours, there will be an event in Alkmaar at Hal25 - Pettemerstraat. It's called:

"Kunst tot de nacht" (Art untill night)

There will be a yellow seacontainer present containing a serious new Fablab, named De Kaasmaker (the cheesemaker, for those who don't know, Alkmaar is famous about selling and showing traditional cheesemarket every Friday during summerhollidays)

Look here for more information. Unfortunately I'm not in de neighbourhood untill 22.00hours but I'll certainly try to get there, so maybe CUsoon, have fun


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Haha, and I'm too busy also, but....

Take a look here and I'll try to translate most of the txt for you:


Music and mumble mumble... :smile:

Where is the cheese?

Well, it isn't a cheesefactory:-) It's actually a Fablab. That's a working space in which are situated: 3D printers, lasercutters etc. And with these machines in one space, you fabricate everything you want.

(Then showing a drawing from the headquarter building to be. They want to build this from several seacontainers)

The hub before painting yellow, is opened then and the platform unfoldingmechanism is showed.

(the second partner talking now while the container is being opened:)

This is actually the nomadic would be Fablab. We want to go to the places where our future clients are: events, schools, demonstrations, big yearly marketevents etc. Imagine a free space in front of a school, the container disguised as a big yellow chunk of cheese, with big on front: The Cheesefactory, opening a big door which is actually a platform where you take place at a table and you can make use of a real 3D printer.

A 4 year old kid or someone, 90 years old, can produce his very own idea in combination with his Ipad or computer on a machine. Your own design, for instance a piece of Lego, maybe redesigned with a purpose, building or a stack of building pieces. Just to generate your imagination. Tell me, what is more beautiful?

There's the music again and : The End.

BTW: Let's hope, Robins picturefolder is damaged or something like that and that there's nothing serious going on with himself...I think his shortmemory is a little dented by the beauty on his avatar :-P


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I think his shortmemory is a little dented by the beauty on his avatar :-P


Spot on! :oops: (she's my fiancé since just over 2 months now! :D)


Here it is!

Little sidenote:

The video is my ar. drone flying a bit on location(weather was bad, so a retake will be done when the sun comes back in the netherlands), those stacked containers will be the main FabLab workspace (in buildup phase), the yellow container will be a movable workspace (already operational).

extra info: the FabLab will be open every fridays from 3PM till 6PM or under appointment with info@kaasfabriek.nl


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