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Posted · XT-CF20 & PVA

Hi everyone 


i am trying to print with XT-CF20 & PVA support 

I'm using a Hardcore Extruderin AA

 I have no issue with the straight CF20

its the PVA that is driving me crazy (always fails somewhere) 

either slipping on the drive wheels or not sticking to the CF20

recently i was given advice ti try making the support with CF20 with a support interface layer! and the PVA wont adhere to it? 


i have had more than 10 attempts sat this and its driving me crazy :-(


 should i be using straight PVA as support? or is the interface a better option? 

Battery Tray Fail 000.jpg

Battery Tray Fail 001.jpg

Battery Tray Fail 002.jpg

Battery Tray Fail 003.jpg

Battery Tray Fail 004.jpg

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