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Ultimaker 3 - Nozzle dirty/First layer not "smooth"

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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 3 - Nozzle dirty/First layer not "smooth"

Hi everyone.


The company i work in recently bought a Ultimaker 3, since we are going to make some End-Use holder for a

spirit bargun, I was told that the Ultimaker was the best 3D printer to go for, so we didnt need to use too much time

on setup.. I had just struggles abit, making the print "perfect"


Yesterday i finnally started up to print 6 pcs at the same time, but 30 min into the print, 1 of the units start to 

warp in the corner. 

I then restarted the process and instead of printing 6 i set it to print 3.

It then started again, but this time i noticed that the first layer wasnt really smooth, how can this be? 

I have attached a picture of the layer, the nozzle of the Printer is covered in black filament...


I am printing these with Ultimaker PC filament.

Regards Nicolai




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Posted · Ultimaker 3 - Nozzle dirty/First layer not "smooth"

I never use PC myself, but looking at Ultimakers recommendations I would try the adhesion sheets... also you need to use a front cover, and probably also want to use a top cover....





Ultimaker PC is not an easy-to-print material because it tends to warp and delaminate if the printing environment and settings are not perfect.

We strongly recommend using the adhesion sheets to achieve the best build plate adhesion when printing with Ultimaker PC. Alternatively, you can apply a thin layer of glue (included in the accessory box of your Ultimaker) to the glass build plate, but please note that adhesion with glue is less reliable than with adhesion sheets.







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