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Blobs vase mode dissapears

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Posted · Blobs vase mode dissapears


I printed my first vase.Naja, second vase.

It is 60mm high, very small. After almost finished I noticed blobs.

But also noticed that blobs occur because it shortly stops. After reducing speed the short stops dissapear and blobs dissapear too.

In gcode I can not see different parameter during print.

What value makes the short stops in cura? I already made minimum layer timt to 0 and minimum layer speed 0 too.


Why it stops shortly but after changing speed it stops not shortly?


nozle= 0.4

layer high= 0.2

speed= 30

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Posted · Blobs vase mode dissapears

If you have more than around 10 moves in 1mm of distance most marlin printers (including Ultimaker printers) can't handle that and it stops while it loads up more moves into the buffer.


Look at the stl file or the gcode file carefully to see if you have too many line segments in one spot.  Some CAD programs are better at positioning the STL triangles than other programs.  Or there might be some kind of "resolution" feature when outputting to STL.  Maybe you have to lower the resolution so there aren't so many triangles.


Or I could be wrong and it's a different issue.


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