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material as prefix on G Code

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Posted · material as prefix on G Code

Hello, is there an option to automatically add the material type to the G Code file name?

Now the printer is added to the file name, since I only have one printer (yet) I disabled this in the options.

When I have more printers I think its easier to have an SD card for each printer so the printer isn't needed in the file name. I now have designs made for both PLA as PETG so it would be nice to see which file uses which material. 

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Posted · material as prefix on G Code
1 hour ago, nallath said:

Nope. It's currently not possible.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a useful option? 

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Posted · material as prefix on G Code
2 hours ago, HairyOtter said:

Am I the only one who thinks this is a useful option? 

I do this manually, for example: "model_v1234_pet.gcode". But on my UM2 the name can be maximum 20 characters; the rest is cut off on the little display. So I often have to abbreviate the model name and version number.


Depending on the priority, and if space allows it, sometimes I also include other specs such as layer height (if deviating from my normal 0.1mm), or the amount of models on the build-plate (if more than one). E.g.: "mod1234_02mm_3x_pet.gcode". This comes in handy after a couple of weeks, if I have to print the same model again.


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Posted · material as prefix on G Code

I posted this answer elsewhere, for a similar query. Done for Windows but shouldn't be much different for Mac:

How to change the prefix in saved Cura files.

In this example I use a Wanhao i3 plus (for other printers copy the relevant printer file)

Copy the following file to your desktop and rename the copy to your preference:

C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.2\resources\definitions\wanhao_i3plus.def.json

I renamed it “wanhao_i3plus_PETG.def.json” in my example

Open the file to alter it, I use a program called “Code Writer”

Within that file, edit the name (line 3) to your preference. Remember the first character of each word in the name will become the prefix of files created, so don’t use spaces between words if needed.


  "name": "Poly EthyleneTerepthalateGlycol"

Will give the prefix “PE_” (you could also call it P ETG to get the same effect, or start with the printer name)

If you use a single word, you will only get a single character prefix.

Then copy the new altered file back into the folder, you need administrator rights for this.


When you open Cura, the printers will now include the one created, and it will still be under the “Wanhao” brand name.

When you select the printer called “Poly EthyleneTerepthalateGlycol” you can then select a material profile to attach to it. Then whenever you open that printer profile in future, it will be attached to that material.


For example I have a printer named Poly LacticAcid attached to PLA material (will get “PL_” prefix, and Poly EthyleneTereptheneGlycol attached to PETG material (will get “PE” prefix).

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