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ultimaker3 extended sendgcode

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Posted (edited) · ultimaker3 extended sendgcode

I tried to send gcode to my 3d printer by PHP and Python. The following code could connect to it, but couldn't execute any command after running that py file. Any help would be appreciated!


$ssh = new Net_SSH2('ip');
if (!$ssh->login('root', 'ultimaker')) {
    exit('Login Failed');
echo $ssh->exec('python3 /usr/share/griffin/command_util.py && help');

import paramiko
# realize transport
trans = paramiko.Transport(('ip', 22))
# connection
trans.connect(username='root', password='ultimaker')

# Specify the transport of the sshclient object as the above trans
ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()
ssh._transport = trans
# execute command
stdin, stdout, stderr = ssh.exec_command('python3 /usr/share/griffin/command_util.py \n sendgcode G28')

# close connection


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Posted · ultimaker3 extended sendgcode

I figured out the reason. Just delete "&&" in PHP or delete"\n" and it would work.

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