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Ongoing Max Temp Error - UM3EXT

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Posted (edited) · Ongoing Max Temp Error - UM3EXT



I have been having issues with this printer since last year - below is a previous thread which I have posted.


The issue i'm getting is when I print with PLA and use the PVA support..i can print fine when I use PLA (printcore1) on its own and for support.


When I print using PVA, it will cut out after about an hour with the error - Max Temp error on the Printcore in printhead slot 2.


When this first arose, I replaced the printcore, updated the firmwear and checked the silcone covers were in place. I'm fairly sure the temperture in the room is fine as well as I never had any problems before. I spoke to people on the 3dGBIRE helpdesk and they said it was possibly the print head cable to they sent a new one and I replaced it yesterday but no luck!!! Am I looking at a whole print head replacement? Has anyone experienced this before?


I had to dismantle the printhead before as a spring had fallen and was blocking the PVA extruding.. I also had a major clogging where the PLA backed up completely into the printhead and it took a lot of work to remove it all! I'm wondering if either of these issues may have led to this.



I would appreciate any help or advice, thank you.


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