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Print with z offset

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Posted · Print with z offset

So i have got an ultimaker 2, and now I want to experiment with printing 2 different materials.


So in extruder 1 I have PLA and in extruder 2 I have Ninjaflex and in addition I have a thin steel plate. What I want is to position the ninjaflex material on top of the the steel plate with an accursy of +-0.2mm in XY direction, which is tricky. The idea is that i first print with extruder 1 in PLA a position jig of the steel plate, then continue with ninjaflex after I have dropped the steel plate in position. So how to do this?


So I could make 2 gfiles, jig and gasket then:


  1. Start jig print
  2. Calibrate manually build plate height
  3. Start gasket print

Problem here is that jig does not go all the way to the 3 calibration corners, but I could have a small piece of left over steel plate to adjust it to. The main issue is that when moving from one calibration point to another it might collide with the jig.


So second option is to make 1 file , but how can I offset the gcode to a new z value? And how can I make the ultimaker pause and wait for me to insert the steel plate in the jig?



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Posted · Print with z offset

I don’t know if you figured this out, but it seems the easiest thing to do would be to create one file.


Add a pause-at-z command (I think you do that with a gcode post processing script) at the layer where the jig finishes (assuming the top of the jig is flush with the top of the plate.


At the pause, add the plate, change the filament, and continue.


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