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Anet a8 extrusion problem

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Posted · Anet a8 extrusion problem

I'm having problems with some models I made in cinema 4d where my printer anet A8 extrude not enough filament to make contact on the heat bed. My suspicion is that there is something wrong with the model and not cura or the anet, because it happened a few times where I have to remake the model or change it's position to print correctly, and if I print another gcode file I made previously it just prints normally as it should. But now seems like it's not working anymore, and I don't know what to do about IT. I'll post an image of what it looks like. 

I also tried to fix the model errors for watertight but nothing changes. 


In the second image instead, you can see that the first layers of the support structures misses a few spots, this also happens to the infill as well. 


I already made some adjustment like fixing the heat bed and the extrusion and cleaning it. But nothing changes


I'm using cura 3d version 4.1.0


Thanks in advance for any responses. IMG_20190727_180726.thumb.jpg.03ae804be57575385c478aee11b67ebe.jpg


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