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have to bring my gratulation on this update :mrgreen:

very useful features have been added/brought back.

i love making "vase" prints again!

Also super nice to have mutiple machines.

Because right now, i have one ultimaker, a reprap on marlin and a big cnc-mill also powered by ultimaker electronics...

So, this is uber-praktical for me.

The movement speed of the bed leveling process a is a bit extreme.. but nothing happened.

Are there also bigger firmware changes inside?


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If you're talking about Cura 13.10, I'm not seeing anything about the Mac version that would support printing vases - no Joris function, and it looks like it still adds additional infill on the insides as it sees fit.

Am I missing something?


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hm. yes thers no joris.

but i got nearly seamless bracelets and other vases by using the 0 infill and unchecking solid infill top and bottom.

last version i used didnt had these checkboxes


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i miss the ability of cura being able to save back to STL..

now it only saves as .amf which i cant use anywhere.

was a quite useful function. I used it alot.. to save arranged buildplates(for non-separated print) or different scalings of objects.

also i used it save mirror actions to the object..

i could do all this in the 3Dprogram i used to design the parts.. but its very convenient to save last changes anytime.


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