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Posted · About sales and support...


I would like to share my experience with ultimaker support and sales not just to complain but to help to improve a bit this services because under my point of view is the weak point of your machines.

I orderer an ultimaker original kit on 13th september. Every thing seams to be ok and i received a confirmation email just after the payment, i could follow the order in the web side just "waiting for shipment" or i don't remember. Few hours after my order was announced that on 20th september ultimaker 2 was going out.

Obviously i wanted to know what was this new product before to get a new 3d printer an i wrote to support to know if it was possible to put my order in "stand by" until i know price and spects. They answer quickly and gently, they were very nice with that. My order appeared like "cancel" but the payment was done and everything was ok until 20 september arrived.

On 20th new product was going out and unfortunately there was not a kit and was little out of my budget, i also like to play, and trink so i decide to keep my old order but the issues start just in that day...

My account just disappear, i couldn't follow my old order, there was no order, there was not account but there was payment.

I wrote them once, twice, no answer. Wait few days, write again, no answer, i knew they were busy with the events, no answer.

Then i call for first time, they told me to call the next day, i called the next day, tell me to call the next day cause the system was down.

I wrote again, no answer.

Then i recived an e-mail asking me if i received the product because the order appears like closed before it was shipped. That surprise me a lot because i've called like four time explaining my case again and again just to know something about the order cause it was close and i needed and invoice within september and was the last day, i was almost praying for a solution.

They told me that was not possible to recuperate the last order and we should do a new order with new date (1st october). Then i call back little angry. Talk to the person i talk with the las two or three days, i was talking seriously with respect but very angry.

My order was shipped the next day with the invoice date of my first

I'm sad about this, i think is not thing with ultimaker people, is somthing about human race, you have to get angry and scream and threaten to get one solution that could be done with my first call.

About the machine i have to tell that it's impressive. I'm really happy with it, i really enjoy mounting the kit, and the quality of the prints is just amazing. Just i have some issues with belt tension and calibration and all this things, but i like to deal with them.

Now one the motors started to do strange sound just one second when you turn on, i was doing some test and it comes from electronic board, not the stepper controller, not the motor. I hope it's nothing. But during the tests i saw one of the little coolers of the stepper controllers was fall down. So i decided to order a new controller.

I tried to enter in my account again and it was out, trying to restart my password it said the "ooops something were wrong" message, so, again, i did a new account and ordered it yesterday.

I've got no any confirmation e-mail about my order, no confirmation, no receip, nothing, just waiting again. Now the order appear as "balance due" i don't know why because they took my money directly from my bank account and i paid by credit card. But no news again.

Is very frustrating to get something, pay for it, and know nothing about it unless you write or call or insist or get angry again.

First time i spend 20€ calling from spain to netherlands just to get some information and get something i paid 10 days ago. Now the order is just three things that you have to put in a bag and send it to spain. I hope i have not to wait 10 days more to be shipped and i have not to spend 20€ more to get it shipped.

I don't know the solution, maybe you are overtaked by this new product, new line, new web. All old accounts delete... I can understand that if you explain it, i think as a customer i can understand but i need an answer, at least an answer to my mails.

I think you should take more care of the customers, every one of us have paid more than thousand euros and a least we expect answers.

Maybe you need more people working with you to manage all this thousands of customers sending mails, i don't know and i don't care but just a good product isn't enought.


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    Posted · About sales and support...

    I got my Ultimaker Original Kit a year ago. I ordered it and it showed up faster than I expected. I didn't have to call anyone. I didn't have any problems.


    Now one the motors started to do strange sound just one second when you turn on


    Could that be the fan on the bottom of the UM? It can be *very* noisy and the sound often stops after a few seconds. Many people have had trouble with that fan. You can remove the sticker and add a drop of oil if it gets worse. You can purchase a better one. I still have my original fan and if it gets noisy I hit my UM and the sound usually stops.


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    Posted · About sales and support...

    Well i undestand is a problem with all this changes.

    The fan is also noisy, i have problems with that fan, depends on the position it becomes very noisy. The sound is the motor, there's a vibration on it during half a second.


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    Posted · About sales and support...

    When i first turn power. Just X axis when i turn on power. I exchange motors, and i exchange controllers. it comes from the board, from the x out to the motor. So is not the motor it self. Is the electronics. Just it start after four or five days working.

    Thanks for your comments and your interest. I've learned a lot with all your posts. Thanks.


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