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Modify Display Filename and Layer on LCD Plug-In

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Posted · Modify Display Filename and Layer on LCD Plug-In

I want to modify the Modify Display Filename and Layer on LCD Plug-In so the total number of layers is displayed at the beginning of the line instead of the end. I tried the following:

  • Opened DisplayFilenameAndLayerOnLCD.py  from the  C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.4\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts folder into a text editor (after backing it up).
  • Modified line 75 of the script to read    display_text = lcd_text + str(i) + "/" + max_layer + " " + name    (i.e. added    + "/" + max_layer)
  • Saved the script.
  • Restarted Cura and resliced my file.
  • There was NO CHANGE to the generated GCode.
  • So I shut down Cura and restarted my PC.
  • Opened Cura and resliced the file.
  • Still no change

There's obviously a magic ingredient missing here. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong. 


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