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Nozzle size, hot end type, what do I need?

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Posted · Nozzle size, hot end type, what do I need?

Hey guys,


I'm wanting to get a hardened steel nozzle for my Monoprice Ultimate 2 printer, I've only used brass until now with PLA, wood PLA, PETG, Nylon 6, Nylon 12, Colorfabb HT, Ninjatek Armadillo and I think some other odds and ends but I want to get the right nozzle for Nylon and those abrasive types of filaments. 


I'm looking into getting some Carbon fiber PETg which I believe a hardened nozzle is a must or the brass will die in no time so I set out to find my nozzle thread pitch and size which Monoprice couldn't tell me because they didn't know.


The pitch is 1MM and the diameter is 5.85MM so it seems like a nominal 6MM thread which seems common for nozzles. Then I see these MK6,8 and 10 hot end types and I got confused? 


Does it matter? What I was looking at getting, mainly to make sure I got the thread right is this https://www.amazon.com/Temperature-Hardened-Makerbot-Creality-CraftBot/dp/B07MDWXV77/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=3D+printing+hardened+nozzle+M6&qid=1580063519&s=hi&sr=8-1


It says it's for an MK8 and it looks similar to what I currently have in terms of overall length, I'm sure I'll have to mess with the Z-offset once I stick it in but I don't mind that, I just want to make sure it'll work but I'm not sure what the "MK" signifies other than the hot end model?


Any help would be appreciated.

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