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Dual colour printing - wait for inactive extruder to cool

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Posted · Dual colour printing - wait for inactive extruder to cool

When I do a two colour print in cura and switch to a different extruder, cura powers up the newly chosen nozzle and waits until it has reached operating temperature before it continues. Cura does not however start dropping the temperature of the now unused nozzle to it's standby temperature until the new extruder is at temperature. It seems that the command to drop the current temperature is executed after the command to bring the new extruder up to temperature.

The result is that the now inactive but still at temperature nozzle gets dragged over the model and contaminates the print.

Is there a trick to get Cura to allow cooldown of one nozzle while the second one heats up ?

Of course it would be ideal if Cura could heat up one nozzle, cool down the other nozzle at the same time and wait until both nozzles have reached there commanded temperatures.


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