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UTOPICA 3D Bad Reseller

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Posted · UTOPICA 3D Bad Reseller



This might be off-topic but would like to let everyone know that Portuguese reseller UTOPICA 3D (http://ultimaker.utopica3d.com/) should be denied to be an official reseller for Ultimaker.


I have an ultimaker 3 extended bought 2 years ago to them, support was fine and never had problems purchasing material. Since beginning this year, I've put an order (paid already) that was never taken forward. Tried to reach them by email and phone to no avail. Only time I got my call answered (I think it was by accident...) they told me to send the claim to a new email address. Did it, but same behavior, with no answer at all.

Running a DUN report (DUNS 449370674), we found out they changed the company proprietary on jun/2019, so no risk of failure yet available.

Only ting I could do now is going for a legal resolution but I guess it would be more expensive than what I paid for "my" order (I'm not even evaluating going to the physical store place or try personal contact of the manager as that could bring me serious problems).


Couldn't figure out a more suitable channel to share this and please, ultimaker, before taking any action you should try to reach them yourself and confront them (if they even answer you). Maybe they will open their eyes... we need to close this mousetrap.


Thanks in advance.


Tiago Guimarães

Order no. 175

Date of order: 29/JAN/2020








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Posted · UTOPICA 3D Bad Reseller

Dear Tiago, 


Thank you for your message. Our apologies if any of our resellers did not live up to your expectations. It sounds like you have a rather unpleasant experience. Please allow us to look into this and we'll get back in touch with you shortly. 

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