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UM2+ simple firmware change

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Posted · UM2+ simple firmware change



I have a Ultimaker 2+ which I love. I have had some success with uploading a version of Marlin to it so that I can change the Serial Port to #2 and baud rate so that I can attach an ESP to J22 (Serial).


This worked well, as I can now see GCODE output etc, but the firmware I am using seems to run the feeder in reverse (ie material is pushed out of the printer instead of in) 


I was a bit worried that I was endangering the printer running with this firmware. Has any one got any experience of this, or could point me in the direction of settings I could change? 


What I would really like is just the bog standard firmware that I can adjust the two settings in, but there seems to be a whole minefield of different options now.  Tinker firmware?


Thanks for your time. 





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