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What setting effects the start of a line.

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Posted (edited) · What setting effects the start of a line.

Hello All, 


New to printing, 2.5 months, mostly thingiverse items for the other half. I am now involved with the make the masks movement. Printing for speed, cosmetically do not have to be pretty. Have to be functional.


Printers, Geeetech A20M,, Creality CR10 v2

Cura 4.4.1,

Hatchbox PLA

Not concerned with the blobs, what I am curious about appears to be at the start? or is it the end? of a line and what setting in cura can be adjusted to control that. see pics.

a20 = 70 speed

.4 nozzle, .2 lines, 1.2 walls 



print 1 inner.jpg

print 1 outer.jpg

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