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Calculated / actual printing time

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Posted · Calculated / actual printing time


I am using Cura for slicing and facing the following strange phenomena:

1) Actual printed time is about twice than the calculated printed time (by Cura)

2) Double printing velocity doesn't cut printing time by half. It cuts it by 20%.

Any idea why?

Thanks a lot…

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    Posted · Calculated / actual printing time

    Thanks for the file, interesting model!


    Cura's time estimation takes into account the print speeds but also the acceleration and jerk. You haven't enabled the control of acceleration and jerk so I guess Cura is assuming that your printer is using similar values to Cura's defaults. If your printer is actually using lower values for acceleration and jerk than Cura's default values, it will take longer to print than Cura's estimate. The values that Cura will be using are shown below.





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    Posted · Calculated / actual printing time

    Thanks for your response.

    I am new in the 3D printing area and was not aware to those parameters (acceleration control & jerk control). Do you recommend enabling them? Are there any guidelines regarding the circumstances that it's worthwhile to enable / disable them?

    Regarding the default parameters, I didn't find the exact naming, I found the following:

    ·      In the EEPROM:

    o   X-axis-acceleration – 20

    o   Y-axis-acceleration – 20

    o   Z-axis-acceleration – 50

    o   Max Jerk – 5

    o   Max Z-Jerk – 0.3

    ·      In the H file

    o   Extruder max acceleration – 5,000

    o   X Travel acceleration – 1,000   (same for Y)

    o   X print acceleration – 1,000   (same for Y)

    o   Z Travel acceleration – 1,000  

    o   Z print acceleration – 100  

      Is it the same?

    Thanks a lot


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