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Cura Layers Management

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I tried to print a Raspberry PI case (here is the link http://www.thingiverse.com/download:188622

The way Cura made the slicing was not correct.

Cura Wrong Layer Management

After the first layer properly printed, UM2 started to skip some (large) portions of the other ones.

I used the default parameters for UM2.

Have you seen similar issues? Do you know how to fix it?



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Thank you Illuminarti. Here is the gcode generated with default settings (quick print, normal quality):


After, following your suggestions, I switched to expert settings and I used the 0.4 wall thickness. The generated gcode was printed without problems.

As I'm a really newbie, could you please look at this pictures:

Ultimaker Robot Printing

Ultimaker Robot Final Front

Ultimaker Robot Final Right

As you can see, the right part of the robot (but in general of any printed object) is printed with a "lower resolution".

In the first image you can see that the layer being printed is bent.

Do you know how can I fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.


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I printed the other part of the cover with the same results.... The head from time to time jump to the next layer without completing the current one. I looked at gcode using Repetier-Host and all paths are correct (no trouble in Cura).

I guess is still a problem of my printer.


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Regarding the curling of the layers - that's normal for overhanging parts. Printing cooler and slower might help a bit, but there's not so much you can to.

Regarding the case with missing layers. Does it actually give up on a layer and go straight on to the next one, or does it keep moving the head with nothing coming out? As you say, the gcode looks fine.

One thing to check... is the small fan on the back of your print head running all the time? it should be.


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Thank you Illuminarti for the reply.

For the curling I will try to use different settings.

Yes, the middle fan is always on. About the missing layers, the head stop the current one and jump to the next one.

Sometime the head stops in the middle of a printing and the filament continues to be released.

According to the support, the problem could be still related to the front panel cables. I hope to find quickly a solution because the printer is not usable.


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I was able to print your gcode without any issues. Turned out pretty nice, although retraction was turned off, so it's a bit stringy inside - but that will clean up easily.

Raspberry Pi Case


The missing layers thing is odd. Interestingly it's not simply skipping to the end of layers; but missing parts of them - for instance in your photo, the missing part of the second layer - the top right corner basically - is actually the start of the infill on layer two. It seems to be skipping that, and starting the infill in the middle of the gcode somewhere.

Let us know what you hear back from support.


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