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[4.6.0] Unable to slice due to high print temperature

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Posted · [4.6.0] Unable to slice due to high print temperature

When I set anything above 366°C for printing temperature, cura marks the input red and refuses to slice. This wasn't the case with older cura versions (e.g. 4.3.0). Is this intended or a bug? For me this is really critical since it prevents me from high-temp printing (or forces me to manually edit the gcode/use PP plugins).


I also recently had a talk with a high-temp printer manufacturer that told me they were about to switch from simplify3d to cura and this is one of the reasons why they still hesitate to make it their customers default slicer. I don't know about the other reasons though.


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Posted · [4.6.0] Unable to slice due to high print temperature

Because most of the printers that Cura supports are marlin based (and marlin flat out refuses to accept higher temperatures). The change made here is indeed intentional. We recently did a security test and this was one of the remarks (eg; it could potentially be used to create files that cause very high temperatures, which can cause damage).

Anyway, a machine definition file can change the maximum values, so the high-temp printer manufacterer can just set it to a higher value.

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Posted · [4.6.0] Unable to slice due to high print temperature

What a bummer... but thanks for the answer. Do you by chance know what I have to edit in the machine definition to make cura accept higher temperatures for this custom printer?


This is my definition file which I found in .../AppData/Roaming/cura/4.6/definition_changes (don't know if this is the right file in the right place; I believe not - but there's no file for this printer in Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.6\resources\definitions where I'd expect it to find)


version = 4
name = P220_settings
definition = custom

setting_version = 13
type = definition_changes

extruders_enabled_count = 1
machine_depth = 150
machine_end_gcode = 
machine_gcode_flavor = RepRap (RepRap)
machine_head_with_fans_polygon = [[-20, 10], [-20, 10], [10, -10], [-20, -10]]
machine_heated_bed = True
machine_height = 150
machine_start_gcode = 
machine_width = 205

BTW, I found 2 other threads about the same topic which I'd like to reference here:




I'm additionally also operating the Funmat which was mentioned in both of these threads, so for me this is an issue on two printers already. Also the suggested workaround doesn't work for me since I don't know where to put these additional lines (and there's no feedback from the affected user). I found the definition files wiki but nothing about changing max temps.


It would be great if there was an option to define max temps in the machine setup GUI in cura.

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