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Holes in flat walls [UM2+]

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Posted · Holes in flat walls [UM2+]

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to print a simple box but I'm running into some weird texture like holes in the right walls and in the interior side of the back wall. I was wondering what It could be related to. Front and left walls are perfect and smooth, you couldn't even feel the layers. I've been searching on internet and I've seen many different things but I can't get my hear around on which one exactly is causing this. The most common things were retraction, temperatures and belt tension. I don't think it can be retraction or temperature because the issue would also be present in the other walls(I guess :D), and belt tension looks ok to me. 


I'm using default settings from cura for Normal profile:


Layer height: 0.15mm 

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Speed: 50mm/s

Infill: 18%

Temperature: 210 

Cura version: 4.6.1



Any help is very appreciated, thank you! 






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Posted · Holes in flat walls [UM2+]

yes, sorry forget to update here. The nozzle worn off. The 0.4 nozzle widen out to a 0.5. I had it replaced and problem gone.

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