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Posted (edited) · Tough Pla

Hi Guys

i was wondering if somebody could help, I have a print that has been sliced using Ultimaker Tough PLA i have run out of filament half way through the print Can i load generic PLA or generic tough pla to finish the print or will it not work due to the fact that it has been sliced with the original product if it can be done how do i go about doing it?


Second question My BB.4 head with natural PVa that i use for support constantly thinks i am out of filament it seems that perhaps it is getting stuck in the feed because when i remove it it looks like the feed roller has chewed it out a little bit what is causing this and how do i stop it?

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Posted · Tough Pla


Regarding your first question, I guess you have the possibility to override the material when you load it. But I am not sure, have never tried it myself. But keep in mind that you should take a material which is close to the UM ToughPLA, otherwise your object is maybe not strong enough.


The PVA problem is 99% a problem of humidity and that your PVA has absorbed too much moisture. You should always keep the spool in a drybox or airtight bag when not printing and if you print a long job you should also consider to buy a Polybox or something like that, to keep the spool dry also during printing. PVA is very sensitive against high humidity and gets soft very quickly.


But you can save your PVA spool and dry it again. Put the spool on the heated bead, cover it with a towel or cardbox and leave it there over night.

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