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Changing the formulas used to calculate values

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Posted (edited) · Changing the formulas used to calculate values

Hi, im currently working on 3d printing related research and for that i often have to change values for speeds, temperatures etc.

For more well defined results I want to have all printing movements done at the same speed, so there is no difference between outer wall, inner wall or infill speeds. If I chose a new value for a new experiment, I have to enter that value in every window that asks for print speed, because the automatic calculation i calculating values i don't want. When setting up many trials, this can become quite tedious if you have to do that over and over. 

Here is an example : If I set print speed 100mm/s,  infill speed will be 100*1.66, wall speed will be 100*0.5, outer wall speed is 100*0.67 and inner wall speed is 100*1.33.

What I want is a way to set all those multiplication factors to 1.

Is there a way to do that?

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