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need motherboard for my xvico

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Posted (edited) · need motherboard for my xvico

Does anyone out there know where I can buy a motherboard for my xvico? I've looked and looked. There must be someone out there that sells replacement parts. I contacted the people that I bought it from (In China) they gave me a web site and its all in Chinese. I told them and am still waiting for a reply. It takes at least a day. Also, does anyone know of a reasonable 3d printer that has good support I've got a cnc router also and it's the same thing with it no support.

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Posted (edited) · need motherboard for my xvico

Hi Geneo.  Are we having fun yet?  Did you let the smoke out of your motherboard?  Because there used to be a supplier for Lucas Electric stuff that had canned smoke you could put back into a Lucas flicker switch and Chinese quality is only a step or two below Lucas.  Unfortunately it was Whitworth smoke and you might need Metric smoke.

I went with the Creality machine because it was cheap.  I decided on the Ender 3 Pro because it fit in the space I had to put it.  The cooling fan died after only a couple of weeks and I contacted Creality support.  They wanted to argue about everything even after I sent videos three times of the fan bearings screaming in agony.  They eventually offered to replace the $9 fan but they wanted $15 to ship it.  I passed and bought a bigger better one from Mouser for $12.  All of that being said, it prints well, I just have to stay on top of maintenance and put the hot end back together correctly when required.

If you right click on the web page there should be a option to translate the page.  It will probably be translated into Swahili but it's worth a try.

Your alternative might be an aftermarket board.  The machines themselves are just aluminum parts, some fans, the stepper motors, and of course your new heated bed.  The main board does have to talk to the LCD though and it would be nice if the bolt holes lined up and the connectors were the same.  I found this image of the main board.  Maybe someone can point to one that will bolt right up (Hah!) although this is an Ultimaker site.


From my personal rule book are Rule #2:  Never upgrade an operating system. and Rule #9:  Everything is a POS.


Your motherboard is part B1 (主板) in the parts PDF file.  The Chinese characters helpfully translated to "motherboard".



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